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Cruise Ship Life - Working On Board Carnival

May 07, 2016

So when I told people I worked on board a cruise ship, they all had this vision in their head that I was just on a constant vacation. Or I may have been only enjoyng cruise ship, but the fact that I was on a constant vacation made it not as bad. These are incorrect. The fact of the matter is this " Your Vacation is My Life". That was crew memberssecret motto to everyone who seemed jealous of us because we worked on cruise ship. The truth of the matter is yeah we were in some pretty amazing and beautiful places 90% of the time.

Passengers jump off tour ship during fierce fire

May 06, 2016

36 tourists had to jump for their lives when a tour ship went up in flames in Ha Long Bay. The ship caught fire on Friday at around 11 a.m. when it was approaching Ha Long port after spending the previous night sailing. The tour ship, sank soon after the fire was put out. Couse of the fire was probably a gas leak in the kitchen. Local Media report that Two foreign passengers suffered minor injuries and all passengers made out to safety. The tourists on board are Franch, South Korean and British nationals.

Cruise ship passengers use Alaska homeless shelter to grab a free coffee

May 05, 2016

Tourists arriving on cruise ships in Ketchikan, Alaskan have been using a homeless shelter as a place to get free coffee and eat snacks without leaving a single dollar for donations say the volunteers at First City Homeless Services. Evelyn Erbele, chairwoman of this organization says because it's a shelter, they don't turn anyone away. Some of the stores are not open early often cruise ship passengers stop by looking for a restroom, and some decide to stay longer and watch TV.

Cuban arrested during historic cruise ship arrival in Havana

May 03, 2016

Cuban man waving US flag in Havana was arrested yesterday during historic arrival of the American cruise ship Adonia operated by Carnivals, Fathom Cruises. ABC Action News reporter interweaved Daniel Miranda, who said that he has no fear of Castro regime and he wants to lead new kind of revolution. 

Minutes after Miranda was confronted by group of locals who didn’t agree with his speech and the waving of US flag in Cuba, police intervened and arrested him.

Dance Around The World with the Crew Member Alistair

May 02, 2016

Crew members on cruise ship have different hobbies, some collect magnets from all the city’s they visited, others buy souvenir plates, some collect coin’s from all over the world. Every crew member likes to keep some memory from his/her travel adventures. Crew member Alistair Twilley has unusual and unique hobby. He is filming places he have visited with a cruise ship and dances with his fellow crew members or locals. He needed 3 years to shoot his videos while he was working as Casino Dealer onboard Azamara Quest and different Celebrity ships.

One Working Day of a Crew Member on Cruise Ship

May 02, 2016

Hour-by-hour comparison of one typical working day of a crew member and a cruise ship guests. Six to seven months contract almost every day is the same only ports and passengers change. New crew members come and you will get some extra time off to go outside take some picture and run back to the ship. Other than that routine an everything is the same.

Time        Guests                    Crew

The Double Life of Cruise Ship Officers, Sex and Betrayal

May 02, 2016

Cathryn Chapman, spent years working on cruise ships sailing around the world but left the ships because she was disgusted by the promiscuity and betrayal that happens onboard. Today she is an author of the book “Sex, Lies and Cruises". This book is inspired by her experience on cruise ship she has picked up the strangest stories which she experienced on cruise ship. 

Three Carnival Paradise passengers injured in buggy accident in Cozumel

Apr 29, 2016

Three tourists were injured in Cozumel, Mexico on Thursday when they crushed in a tree with their buggy. According to Cozumel police report, the accident happened at 12:15 p.m. when emergency services were called to the scene where three people were injured inside a buggy. All three were a passengers of Carnival cruise ship, Carnival Paradise. Police says the crush occurred after the driver lost control of the buggy while taking a corner traveling at a high speed.

Royal Caribbean Crew Q&A

Apr 29, 2016

Royal Caribbean Crew Question & Answer enables you to ask question relevant for crew on board Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. At same time you can answer some of the questions posted by other crew members. In comment box below type your question.If you have answer write in Reply below the question you want to answer.

The Story of a Cruise Ship Cook

Apr 29, 2016

Letter from a crew member

I was hired to work as a third party in Costa Cruises.


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