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Smoking on Cruise ships

Apr 02, 2016

Smokers have thought time on cruise ship. First of all there are two places where you can smoke, that is Crew Bar and Crew Open Deck. When you are on duty you usually have 30 minutes break. Now, you need to decide should I go to eat or should I take coffee and enjoy 2-3 cigarettes. If you take the first option then you need to eat fast and run in Crew Bar, so you can enjoy at least one or half a cigarette. Sometimes there is a big line in Crew Mess and you take the second option. 

Ship Replica build with 270,000 Toothpicks

Apr 02, 2016

American DIY fanatic Wayne Kusy, has built a fleet of model ships - using millions of toothpicks.

His latest project took him two and a half years to complete, using 270,000 toothpicks to create a replica of the SS America transatlantic cruiser. This 55-year-old fan from Chicago has been building ships from toothpicks since he was 10 years old.

His mammoth models include a 10ft-long Titanic, 16ft Lusitania and a 25ft Queen Mary, the last of which took a mammoth 814,000 toothpicks.

Cruise ship Menus

Apr 02, 2016

Download Azamara Club Cruises menu, Celebrity Cruises menu, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines menu, Norwegian Cruise lines menu, Holland America lines menu, Regent Seven Seas menu, MSC Cruise lines menu, Carnival Cruise lines menu, Oceania Cruise lines menu, Princess Cruises menu




Need Azamara Club Cruises menu?
You can download all Azamara dining and bar menus here.

Cruise Lines HR Departments and Official Recruiting Agencies

Apr 02, 2016

This is a list of most of the Cruise lines HR departments and recruiting agencies. All the information below are provided by official web sites of Cruise line companies. Here you will find the official recruiting agencies accredited by the Cruise Companies contact details, email, web pages, phone numbers etc. This does not mean that other agencies are Scams. Most of the times official recruiting agency works in partnership with some other agency and they cooperate together.

Pros and cons to work on a cruise ship

Apr 02, 2016

This was our choice, good or bad, we made a decision to work on a cruise ship. Every crew member has his or her story to tell, as well as different reasons for his or her choice in working on a cruise ship. Main reasons for working on a cruise ship is to save money and to travel the world. 

Everything you wanted to know about sex on a cruise ship ... but you were too embarrassed to ask

Apr 02, 2016

By Luciano Carniel (Best Blog for Crew) 

YES, crewmembers have sex on the ship
YES, crewmembers have sex in the cabins
YES, privacy is almost none.
YES, there are cabins for couples but usually for the married ones and depends on availability in one of the few cabins for two on board. Staffs and officers have the preference.

Six Rules Crew Members Need to Follow

Apr 02, 2016

Every crew member, staff, and officer aboard a cruise ship come from different parts of the world where different laws and rules apply. It is the responsibility of the cruise company to draft some sort of policies which would bestow order and understanding aboard one cruise ship. Every employed member aboard the cruise ship signs an agreement with the company that he or she would abide by the policies which are drafted by each particular company.

Five Teenagers Arrested in Sweden for Gang-Rape on Cruise Ship

Apr 02, 2016

Five teenagers, including two believed to be accessories to murder, have been arrested in Sweden on suspicion of gang raping a girl on-board a cruise ship. MS Galaxy operated by Silja Line was chartered for 1700 students by the Nordic company Fun Cruises.

Four boys aged between 18 and 19 were arrested in Stockholm on Wednesday after the cruise ship returned from Finland. The fifth suspect was arrested one day later. All five are accused of gang-raping  a girl, and face charges of aggravated rape.

Caught on video! Harbor Cruise Ship Hits Pier

Apr 02, 2016

Several people were injured when a cruise ship crashed on Thursday into a pier in downtown San Diego.

A 150-foot Adventure Hornblower with 139 passengers on board smashed into the Embarcadero harbour due to technical malfunction. Seven people were injured and three were hospitalised as a result of the violent stop. None of the passengers sustained injuries that were life-threatening.

The 22-year-old ship, which offers short cruises, whale-watching tours and chartered events, could be heard on the video repeatedly sounding its horn as it approached the pier.

22% Higher Salaries for Cruise Ship Captains

Apr 02, 2016

Cruise line companies might be in financial dire straits, but their captains are coining it in.
The average salary for a cruise liner captain jumped 22.8 per cent last year to $153,379 with wage rates for master mariners aboard less glamorous bulk carriers and container ships receiving a 16 per cent boost to $110,981.

Chief officers aboard cargo ships did even better than their captains in terms of pay rises, logging a 27.5 per cent increase to $82,737 a year.


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