Italian Ports Raise Security Level to MARSEC 2

Aug 11, 2016

On Wednesday, August 10, Italian authorities raised the security threat level in all major ports where cruise ships and ferries transit. Coastguard Admiral Vincenzo Melone sent an order to all passenger and cruise-ship ports to raise their alert level from MARSEC 1 to MARSEC 2. The Coast Guard said that the raising of the security measures is not, connected to a specific terror threat, but the need for prevention following the latest developments in Europe. The order to raise the level of Security issued yesterday refers to the SOLAS Convention on maritime safety.

Deadly Wildfires Forces P&O Ship to Cancel Funchal

Aug 11, 2016

Due to safety concerns of the Wildfires in Madeira, P&O Cruises decided to skip the arrival of P&O Azura in Funchal. The Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean faces major catastrophe with the fire closing dangerously to Funchal. So far four people have died since the fire broke out however the authorities fear the numbers of the victims will rise. Currently there are 132 active fires on the island leaving thousands of tourists stranded to the island. There are reports of tourists who had to flee the hotels and spend the night awake or sleeping on the floor.

Holland America Line Increases Cover Charges for the Specialty Restaurants

Aug 11, 2016

As of August 1 Holland America Line has updated the Restaurant price list paid for the entire fleet. Holland America Line says that their alternative restaurants, winners of three awards, are more affordable than those of other competing cruise companies. The company also said that many years had passed since the last price update.

Meet Anthem of the Seas Hotel Director

Aug 11, 2016

Take a look at the daily operations of the Royal Caribbean hotel director Gary Davies on board Anthem of the Seas. In the video blow he explains the daily operations, work responsibilities and interaction with the guests. Gary Davies sees to every detail that impacts the hotel department and overall guest experience. Watch as he gives a behind-the-scenes tour at managing the day-to-day operations on Anthem of the Seas to ensure unforgettable vacation for all guests.

Passenger Almost Loses a Finger on Cruise Ship

Aug 09, 2016

SorentoPress reports that a passenger on cruise ship sailing in the Gulf of Naples, last night almost lost a finger of his left hand. The medical emergency has been reported by the captain of MSC Poesia to the Italian Coast Guard, stating that a tourist suffered partial detachment of his finger.

Greek Coast Guard Medevacs Woman From Mein Schiff 2

Aug 09, 2016

The Greek Coast Guard medevac a 30-year-old Russian woman from the TUI cruise ship Mein Schiff 2 on Monday night. After receiving a medical emergency call from the ships officers the Greek Coast Guard performed aerial medical evacuation with super puma helicopter. The operation took place when the ship was 45 nautical miles south of Kalamata, Greece. As shown in the video the helicopter landed two strains of the helicopter which then place the injured woman to a stretcher, and proceed the transfer to the helicopter.

Cunard Queen Mary 2 - The Largest Lego model

Aug 08, 2016

The amazing model of Queen Mary 2 made from Lego bricks will be exhibited at the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg between 10 and 16 August 2016.  Built by the artists Klaas H. Meijaard and René Hoffmeister from about 1 million Lego bricks in approximately 1,200 labor hours the ship weighs a 870 kg and includes a highly detailed replica.

Video: USA Dream Team Went to Brothel in Rio by Accident

Aug 08, 2016

The USA Basketball Dream Team made another headline in the newspapers. This time part of the NBA players were looking to visit a spa ahead of the Olympic games and called up to “Termas Monte Carlo” which is famous brothel in Rio advertising as a spa. They thought everything sounded legit about the place so they went inside. After realizing it was not what they think, DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Jordan, DeMar DeRozan and possibly three other players exited the brothel.

Here is the news released by TMZ with a video.

Mafia Boss Arrested on Cruise Ship

Aug 05, 2016

In a major operation conducted by the Italian authorities 17 members of the organized criminal syndicate Ndrangheta were arrested. Among them was the boss Gaetano Tomaselli who was arrested on a cruise ship. The police boarded the cruise ship during a stop in Cagliari on August 4, before the passengers could get off, and arrested Tomaselli. The special antiterrorism squad of the Guardia di Finanza of Reggio Calabria on the night of July 30, planned to arrest Tomaselli at his home. However one day before, he boarded on cruise ship with his family in Civitavecchia.

Beyonce Mom Jumps Off 3rd Deck Of Yacht

Aug 04, 2016

Beyonce's Mom, Tina Knowels was caught on video jumping off the deck 3 from a luxury yacht In France.



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