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The FBI Arrested Anonymous Hacker Rescued by Disney Cruise Ship

Feb 21, 2016

The Hospital hack was done by Martin Gottesfeld on April 19, 2014, over high-profile child custody case involving Justina Pelletier, for custody battle between the state and her parents.

Embarkation Day Tips for Housekeeping on Cruise Ship

Feb 13, 2016

Embarkation day is the day to hear the whips cracking in the slave ship. It's a lot of work for all departments, especially for the housekeeping who need to take the guest from their cabins (sometimes literally) and place new with smiling faces. All of this needs to be done super-fast and pretending that all is well. Imagine that passengers have until 8:30 am to leave the cabin, and they only come out at this time, never come out before. The new passengers come (like the stampede) at 13h.

10 Rules for Waiters During Galley Rush Hours on Cruise Ship

Feb 13, 2016

The Cruise ship Main Galley is responsible for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the famous midnight buffet. The Galley never stops and works 24 hours a day. The dimension of the quantity of food which is produced on the Galley is enormous. The Main Galley is actually divided in several sections: Appetizers, Bakery, Hot line and Pastry. Busiest time in the galley is during the dinner where for the first timers it looks like crazy house with waiters rushing, yelling to the cooks etc. However this is quite normal and this system of organized chaos works perfectly for every cruise company.

Holland America Line Crew Family & Friends Program

Feb 08, 2016

Family & Friends Program Offers Exciting New Enhancements Holland America Line is pleased to announce exciting new enhancements to the Family & Friends Program that streamline the process and make it easier for you to book your family and friends on a special rate cruise. The new enhancements offer: • New Online Applications – A new application process for all HAL employees with a valid HAL email address and for all retirees - just click on

Cruise Ship Crew Travel Procedure Luggage Manual

Feb 08, 2016

The Cruise Company is NOT responsible for expenses incurred as a result of lost, damaged or excess baggage (Extra, overweight, oversized baggage fee) while joining / leaving Company vessels.

Seabourn Waiter Position Official Job Description and Salary

Feb 08, 2016

 Responsible for all food and service related issues in his/her assigned station of responsibility and guest satisfaction Job description:  Ensure all Hotel Operations functions are carried out in compliance with the line’s Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP).  The Waiter/Waitress reports directly to his/her section Assistant Restaurant Manager/Manageress or Supervisor, as directed by the Restaurant Manager/Manageress.  Learn the standards by meeting the relevant restaurant company standard procedures.

Carnival Corporation is Looking for 570 Entertainers for AIDA Cruises (Here’s how to apply)

Feb 08, 2016

Carnival Corporation announced job openings for 570 entertainers needed for its German-based brand AIDA Cruises on 10 of their cruise ships AIDA Entertainment, a subsidiary of the shipping company AIDA Cruises is planning a series of worldwide auditions in search for new talents. The casting calls for actors, singers, and dancers will be held in seven countries and eleven cities around the world. Auditions will provide opportunities for performers to showcase their talents in hopes to be hired by Germany’s largest cruise line.

MSC Cruises Offers 6000 Jobs, Here's How to Apply

Feb 08, 2016

From 2014 the cruise ship company MSC Cruises has launched a business plan worth 5.1 billion euros to double its fleet of cruise ships. While the new ships are constructed in Italy in Fincantieri and France in STX by 2018, the company will offered 6000 new jobs opportunities to complete the on board crew and staff.

Arson suspected in New Fire onboard AIDA Prima cruise ship

Feb 08, 2016

Fire broke out once again onboard AIDA Prima cruise ship on Sunday morning. The ship is in final stages of testing at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.’s shipyard in Nagasaki. According to the firefighters and police, shipyard worker spotted cardboard and insulation material ablaze aboard AIDA Prima and immediately reported to the emergency response teams. Japanese police is investigating the fire as case of Arson attack. During this incident firefighters responded quickly putting out the fire and evacuating the workers in the sector where the fire started without any injured personnel.

NATO Commander Warns Cruise Ships Could be Targeted by Isis

Feb 08, 2016

The British Vice Admiral Clive Johnstone warned that ISIS can be serious threat to the vessels sailing in the Mediterranean. The threat has increased even more with Isil’s seizure of the coastal city of Sirte in Lybia which is only 500 km from Malta. ISIS is spreading further and further to the Libyan coast and possess sophisticated weapons capable of targeting vessels. "We know that they have ambitions to set sail. We know that they would like a marine arm, just like Al Qaeda a marine arm had," said Johnstone.


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