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What Do the Crew Eat on Cruise Ship?

Apr 06, 2016

Probably you have read few articles about the crew mess food for crew members. Here is a unique and positive video description by Michelle Tim about all you want to know regarding the food in crew mess. As she says “These are my experiences and opinions and my experiences and opinions ONLY”. Michelle describes in details all courses in on board messes, from fruits, salads, main courses, condiments, drinks and deserts. Michelle is a staff member so if you are crew some of the privileges like dinning in passenger’s areas, staff mess, do not apply.

Discarded cigarette butt sparks small fire on Dawn Princess

Apr 05, 2016

Tasmania Fire Service was called next to Dawn Princess as a precaution measure due to a small fire on board the cruise ship this morning around 9am. 

Pullmantur Cruises awarded 'Excellence Award for Best Crew'

Apr 05, 2016

Pullmantur Cruises crew was awarded 'Excellence Award for Best Crew' for seventh consecutive year by Cruises News Media Group.

The Excellence Awards ceremony, held last night in Cartagena, Spain, gathers around 200 local authorities, representatives of cruise lines, travel agents, etc.

The Love Hate Relationship of Working On Cruise Ships

Apr 05, 2016

Written By Sean Sassoon

Training Manager for Maritime Operations at Carnival Cruise Line

Interview Tips

Apr 05, 2016

When you are preparing answers for the interviewer's questions, emphasize the qualities you posses which are related to the position you are applying for. Offer answers which will leave the interviewer as if you are the only possible candidate for the position, but even more importantly, be honest.

Protesting and Consequences on a Cruise Ship

Apr 05, 2016

Through out our human history, people have expressed their interests and concerns to their employers, but thought the history of the cruise industry this has not been such an often occurrence for many reasons.

Surviving Love on a Cruise Ship

Apr 05, 2016

People who have worked on cruise ships for few contracts know what to expect and what not to expect out of living and working on the metal giants of the open seas. Crew members with experience know that relationships and love on a cruise ships are not the same as on land. Casual sex aboard the cruise ships is expected since most of the times people do not end up on the same ships every contract. This does not mean that romantic relationships and true love does not occur aboard one cruise ship.

Señor Frog's Great Party’s or?

Apr 05, 2016

For most crew members who have ever been in Cozumel or Nassau may have an idea of the dangers which may occur in these ports. Unfortunately, not a lot of passengers are aware of the same dangers, thus might end up going through the painful process of seeking justice in the same and not find it. Most people who have cruised the waters which lead to these port are aware of how much fun they can have in the party place called Senor Frogs.

How To Create Life On Land After Cruise Ships

Apr 04, 2016

By: Jen Steele

So here's how I FINALLY settled into life on land without having to join the rat race:

I actually now have a global business (which I'll share with you how I did that in just a moment)...

...and it's almost unbelievable to look at that now, knowing where I was just a few short months ago.

Two Cruise Ship Passengers Die in Motorcycle Accident in Cozumel

Apr 04, 2016

The Local News Media El Policiaco reported on a fatal accident in Cozumel, Mexico, involving two Carnival Liberty cruise ship passengers.  The couple rented a bike type Honda for sightseeing on April 2, while the cruise ship was docked in the port. One of the road curves proved to be fatal for the them, after they lost control of the bike skidding off the road.

Sadly the woman died at the scene of the accident and her partner died few hours later in the hospital.


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