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Who Are Best and Worst Cruise Ship Tippers?

Jul 31, 2016

People working on cruise ship in Dining room department, Bar department and Housekeeping depend on tips since most of their salary comes from the guests gratuities. Guests from all around the world board on cruise ship and depending on their culture they tip well or poor. When I was working on cruise ship as a waiter I could tell who will leave tip for the provided service and who will just shake your hand at the end of the cruise without leaving single penny. If you work on cruise ship, you have probably developed this professional instinct already.

Video: Boy Throwing Golf Club off Carnival Cruise Ship

Jul 30, 2016

A Youtube video was uploaded today showing teenage boy throwing golf club off a cruise ship. As you can see from the video bellow the boy with a medal on his chests first looks if someone is around, and then throws the golf club in the sea with a smile on his face. Polluting the ocean is serious issue, and all cruise lines during the master drill inform the passengers that throwing any items in the ocean is strictly forbidden following the International Maritime Organization convention. If caught in the act the passenger can be kicked off a cruise ship at the next port of call.

New Smart Phone App Lets Cruise Ship Crewmembers Document Accident Claims Quickly

Jul 26, 2016

If you work for any major cruise line, you know that accidents can – and often do – happen. Whether the incident involves a slip and fall on cruise ship, kitchen accident, assault, equipment failure injury, or even an outbreak, being out at sea makes it much easier to become the victim of a cruise ship injury or crime. Unfortunately, being out on the high seas often prevents crewmembers from obtaining justice for any crimes or the proper medical attention they need to recover from any injuries sustained.

Councilman Trying to Flee U.S. on Disney Fantasy Arrested

Jul 25, 2016

The Brevard County Police in Florida arrested Red Bluff city council member Suren Patel, on fraud charges as an out of state fugitive. Action News reports that he tried to flee U.S. on a Disney Fantasy cruise ship departing on July 23, from Port Canaveral. Patel is charged with public embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars, conspiracy to commit welfare fraud, and insurance fraud. This June the charges were filed and arrest warrant was issued. Authorities went to Sacramento to arrest him, but they could not find Patel. Finally he was arrested in Port Canaveral, Florida by U.S.

Thomson Celebration Suffers Engine Failure

Jul 25, 2016

The cruise ship Thomson Celebration minutes after departing from La Valletta Grand Harbour on Saturday July, 23 suffered an engine failure leaving it powerless near the port entrance. The ship’s captain was forced to drop the anchor in order to avoid hitting the harbor structures constructed as part of the coastal weather defense system.

How to overcome stress when working on cruise ship?

Jul 23, 2016

First thing you will hear from people working on a cruise ship is that the working hours are long (10 to 14 hours a day). For average people on land this is too much for one working day. However as you all know people work on cruise ships, some even for 10+ years, and they are ok with this. Long working hours are nothing compared to the philological stress at work and the new ship environment that the first timers face when working on cruise ship. The psychological stress is the reason why crew members quit on their firs contract.

Five reasons why you should work on a cruise ship

Jul 23, 2016

1. Forget about the rent

Amazing Gadgets for Cruise Ship Crew Members

Jul 22, 2016

For all gadget freaks working on cruise ship we chosen the coolest hi-tech gadgets which can make your experience more enjoyable in the ports you are visiting. After the long working hours you have limited time to explore the ports and run back to the ship for your next shift. We believe that this gadgets will make your ship life easier and more fun.

Nixie - wearable camera that can fly

Deceased NCL Breakaway Crew Member identified

Jul 21, 2016

Bermuda authorities have identified the Norwegian Breakaway crew member who lost his life during the emergency lifeboat drill after a rescue speed boat broke from its tethering. According to the Bermuda news site “Royal Gazette” the deceased is a 41-year old Filipino national Diogenes Carpio. The captain of the catamaran Aristocrat, who assisted in the rescue said that the crew member was floating in the water next to the overturned boat.

Four Norwegian Breakaway Crew Members Injured in Rescue Boat Accident

Jul 20, 2016

Four crew members were rushed to hospital after a rescue boat fell from the cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway. The incident occurred in Bermuda Dockyard cruise terminal this afternoon while the cruise ship was docked. Police spokesman confirmed that a portside rescue boat had fallen from the NCL cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway resulting in four crew members falling into the water according to Bernews.


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