Cuban exiles to protest in front of Carnival Cruise Line HQ

Apr 10, 2016

The Cuban Democracy Movement has called a protest in front of Carnival Corporation Headquarters in Miami, regarding the latest discriminatory policy imposed against Cubans living in the United States. Current Cuban laws prohibit individuals born in Cuba from entering the island on ship or other maritime vessels, regardless of their US citizenship. For that reason, at this time Carnival Operated cruise ship, Fathom can not accommodate individuals born in Cuba.

Italian Coast Guard Medevacs Two Children from Cruise Ship

Apr 10, 2016

Italian coast guard medevac two children from the cruise ship Costa Deliziosa yesterday. The children feel ill during the cruise and the ships captain notified the Italian authorities. The nearest Coast Guard on duty at the District Otranto answered to distress call and despite the bad sea conditions, they managed to recover and carry on to the mainland the two passengers. Costa Deliziosa was sailing towards Croatia in the waters of the Adriatic Sea at a distance of about 25 miles from the port of Otranto when they call for emegency to the operations center in the port of Salento. 

How will EU visas affect US and Canadian cruise passengers

Apr 09, 2016

It seems unlikely that the EU Commission will act against the US and Canada, given the fact that the current visa dispute has been ongoing. But if the EU Commission will vote next week to implement Visas, it is far from certain that the European Parliament would support the move.

The EU Commission will consider imposing visa requirements on tourists from the United States and Canada because not all EU citizens enjoy visa-free travel to North America. EU spokeswoman Mina Andreeva said the proposal would be on the commission's agenda for next week on 12 April 2016 .

Five Types of Crew Who Work on Cruise Ship

Apr 08, 2016

As a crew member on board a cruise ship you will find people from all over the world with different characters. Sharing this small space of working and living environment, people are not only categorized by crew, staff and officers but also with their individual characteristics. 

Clearly not all crew can be categorized by this list. While a lot of them fit into the categories, remember to recognize everyone and celebrate the differences together with the similarities.

1. Old-Timers

Eight Types Of People You Will Find On A Cruise Ship

Apr 08, 2016

The crew of Cheok Board filmed this hilarious video about the types of people spotted on a cruise ship. Don’t take this video personal, after all Cheok Board is a comedy production company. This funny video was shot on Royal Caribbean Mariner of The Seas however this apply for all cruise lines. We enjoyed this video so much and hope you will enjoy it too.

Here are the eight types of people you will findo on a cruise ship acording to Cheok:

Dangerous Ports for Cruise Ship Crew

Apr 08, 2016

Almost all ports in the world hide some kind of danger. No matter if it is in Europe, Australia, Caribbean, or America, everywhere in the world crime is present since no country is crime free. These are some of the ports with most dengeour from the crew survey which we conducted. These advices should be taken serious because the situations we will present in this article can happen to any crew member.

Cruise Ship Funny Stories Told by Crew

Apr 08, 2016

Cruise ship funny stories is collection of short stories told by crew members working in different departments on cruise ship. This are everyday unusual stories told by crew members and their interaction with guest on cruise ship holiday.

My time on cruise ships as a crew member

Apr 08, 2016

More often than not I am asked about my time on cruise ships.  I look back on 2007 with the rose-tinted glasses of time and nostalgia.  I remember the bad times and how terrible I felt for about half my contract but the positive memories make me desire to return.  Below is a standard response I intend to direct someone to if they ask me about my time on the ship when they're considering a job onboard a cruise ship.

How to Survive a Sea Day from Hell on Cruise Ship?

Apr 08, 2016

If you’re a bit the worse for wear from the night before, the best way to survive a full on sea day from hell is to:

1. Set 2 alarm clocks to make sure you don’t oversleep, which is easily done as most crew cabins are below the waterline and have no port holes or natural daylight. 

2. Go and have breakfast, even if you don’t want it, you need to eat something and drink several cups of coffee to wake yourself up.

Brazil Navy and US SEALS conduct counterterrorism exercises on Ship, For Rio Olympics

Apr 08, 2016

From March 2 and April 11, 2016, the Brazil Navy and, the US Navy and law enforcement agencies will carry out special operations training in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The activities are part of an exercise aimed for improving techniques at sea in counterterrorism. The name of the exercise is JCET, Joint Combined Exchange Training.  JCET represents an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences between special operations units in Brazil and the United States.