132 pounds of cocaine found on MSC Poesia

Police in the port of Funchal arrested three cruise ship passengers for possession and smuggling of 132 pounds of cocaine.

The men, all South Americans, with 29, 32 and 33, had boarded the Argentinean port of Buenos Aires carrying a concealed drugs on the body and backpacks.

Prior to stopover in Funchal, the cruise ship had passed by various Brazilian ports and the Canaries. The three men arrived at the Prison of Funchal and will present to the competent judicial authorities for application of coercive measure. A drug was found aboard the ship "MSC Poesia" who made a stopover in Funchal coming from the Canary Islands, having departed to Vigo in the late afternoon on Sunday. In 2013, 24-kilograms were seized on a cruise ship which made a stopover in Funchal.