Latest news related to drugs aboard the cruise ships and articles submitted by crew members. Find out insight stories from the other side of the cruise ships told by the crew.

Drug Bust in India on the Cordelia cruise ship Empress

Oct 02, 2021

The Narcotics Control Bureau of India (NCB) has raided the cruise ship Empress operated by the Startup company Cordelia Cruises at the port of Mumbai and reportedly seized drugs on board. Several media outlets in India report that NCB busted a high-profile event and seized various illegal drugs, including cocaine, hashish, and MDMA.

Cruise Ship Security Discovers 69 Pounds of Cocaine During Vessel Inspection

Jun 13, 2021

Cruise ship security officers found 69.5 Pounds (31.5 Kilos) of cocaine during a routine inspection last week while the vessel was off the coast of Florida.

Crew member arrested after officers find 300 grams of cannabis in his cabin

Feb 19, 2019

A cruise ship crew member was arrested on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, in Port Louis, Mauritius for drug possession reports Inside News. According to the source, Police arrested the 38-year-old Shameem Rasmally, who was working as a photographer for the German cruise liner AidaBlu, operated by Aida Cruises.

Six Packages Of Cocaine Discovered On The Cruise Ship MSC Divina

Jan 30, 2019

Mexican authorities seized six packets of cocaine on board the cruise ship MSC Divina docked at the Port of Cozumel, Mexico, on January 29.

Crew member arrested for smuggling cocaine in his sandals and pants

Jan 08, 2019

Federal agents arrested a crew member at Port Miami for smuggling cocaine reports Cruise Law News. The crew member is identified as Wilford Thobourne, age 31, from Johannesburg, South Africa, working on the cruise ship Oceania Riviera.

MSC Seaside Crew Members Traumatized After Big Raid and Interrogation

Nov 27, 2018

A big raid on the cruise ship MSC Seaside has left many crew members traumatized after they were held at a gunpoint and interrogated. Some crew members were handcuffed by Law-enforcement officers, says one crew member. The Authorities conducted the raid in the early morning hours on November 24th shortly after MSC Seaside docked in the Port Miami. Crew members say that Law-enforcement officers searched crew cabins and left them looking like hell and that the crew were taken ashore for interrogation.

MSC Seaside Crew Members Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine

Nov 26, 2018

Seven crew members were arrested in the port of Miami for smuggling cocaine reports Cruise Law News. The drug bust happened last week while the cruise ship MSC Seaside was in the port says Jim Walker, who was contacted by a crew member wishing to remain anonymous.

Three Cocaine Smugglers Arrested on P&O Cruises Arcadia

Nov 17, 2018

Spanish media are reporting that on November 15, police in the port of La Coruna arrested three cruise ship passengers who were smuggling 17 kilos of cocaine.

NCL Crewmember Loses His Job for Possession of Cannabis-Infused Mints

May 07, 2018

A 25-year-old Norwegian Cruise Line crewmember was detained by Bermuda Authorities on May 2, for possession of Cannabis-infused mints. According to Royal Gazette, Ethan Crystal from New York, part of the Norwegian Escape crew was stopped and searched by Customs officers at Dockyard’s Heritage Wharf as he returned back to the cruise ship.

Norwegian Escape Crew Member Arrested for Smuggling Cocaine

Jan 22, 2018

A 25-year-old crew member was arrested in Falmouth, Jamaica, after police authorities conducted security checks at the pier on passengers and crew returning to the cruise ship on January 15. The arrested man is identified as Akim Loctor, from Castries, St.