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Brazil's Federal Police Arrest Two People With 28 kg of Cocaine on Cruise Ship

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Brazil's federal police arrested two individuals at the Port of Ilhéus for smuggling around 28 kg of cocaine on a cruise ship. The Federal Police reported that the duo had boarded the ship in Rio de Janeiro, heading towards Barcelona, Spain.

The apprehended individuals, a man and a woman, whose identities have not been disclosed, were discovered with the narcotics concealed within false compartments of four suitcases. This was during a luggage check that involved the use of a scanner (x-ray) and a detection dog.

Six arrested at the port of Santos attempting to board Costa Diadema with 30 Kg cocaine

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Brazilian law enforcement agencies have arrested six drug smugglers and confiscated about 30 kilos of cocaine at the port of Santos. The drug traffickers, five Brazilians and one Argentinian national, were arrested at the terminal, attempting to board the cruise ship Costa Diadema as it was preparing for a Transatlantic cruise to Europe.

Second drug bust on the MSC Seaside in Marseille

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Police at the French port of Marseille arrested two passengers aboard the MSC Seaside cruise ship who were reportedly carrying 12 kilos of cocaine in their luggage. This is a second drug bust on the MSC Seaside during the transatlantic voyage from Brazil, following the arrest of 10 cruise passengers in Valencia for smuggling 54 kilos of cocaine.

Cruise Ship Passenger Arrested After Police Find 46 Pounds of Meth In His Luggage

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A 27-year-old man has been arrested in Raiatea, French Polynesia after the discovery of 46 pounds of methamphetamine found in his luggage. The authorities say that the passenger, who is a Tahitian national, sailing aboard the Holland America Line cruise ship MS Zuiderdam wanted to offload a suitcase when the vessel arrived in Raiatea on Thursday, March 17. When they inspected his luggage they found more than 9 pounds of the illicit drug in the suitcase.

Drug Bust in India on the Cordelia cruise ship Empress

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The Narcotics Control Bureau of India (NCB) has raided the cruise ship Empress operated by the Startup company Cordelia Cruises at the port of Mumbai and reportedly seized drugs on board. Several media outlets in India report that NCB busted a high-profile event and seized various illegal drugs, including cocaine, hashish, and MDMA.

Crew member arrested after officers find 300 grams of cannabis in his cabin

A cruise ship crew member was arrested on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, in Port Louis, Mauritius for drug possession reports Inside News. According to the source, Police arrested the 38-year-old Shameem Rasmally, who was working as a photographer for the German cruise liner AidaBlu, operated by Aida Cruises.