38 Costa Crew Members Contract COVID-19 During Their Stay In A Hotel In Italy

May 13, 2020

Costa Luminosa crew member has sent us a message saying that 38 Indian crew members contracted Coronavirus during their stay in a hotel in Italy. About 120 Indian crew members disembarked Costa Luminosa on March 24, when they all tested negative before leaving the ship. All 120 Indian crewmembers were transferred to the Hotel B&B Plaza in Pisa, before their final repatriated back to India. On April 9, Italian health authorities tested the crew and the results found 38 crew members tested positive for Covid-19. The positive crew were transferred to the so-called "hospital hotel" Casa Betania in Pisa for the next 14 days, however, after more than a month, they are still in a hotel waiting for the test results and hoping they will finally go back home. This is the message we received from the crew member.

"I am a crew of Costa Luminosa at the moment we are in a hotel in Italy. We disembark 120 Indian on 24th March initially it was said we are going to India on charter flight same time they announced for Indonesian and Filipino crew which already left Italy. But India was locked down then and we were moved to the Hotel B&B Plaza Pisa. When we were moved to the hotel we had test onboard Luminosa, people with negative results are only moved to that hotel with the positive crew they moved to a hospital and the Indian crew in hotel b&b, Pisa was not having any information about flying back then on April 9 they did test all and 38 were infected with positive out of 80 so was that hotel mistake ?? 

As all were negative from vessel when they returned and those 38 we again moved to a hospital/hotel now they had been quarantined there from April 12th with no good food no other facilities. The test was done again for the infected on April 26th test results were not shared again they did on 5th May test results were not shared and 12th may done, again we are waiting for the results.

Here we are having issues like no good food provided we are in Casa Batania hotel we raising these issues. India is open now all the cruise lines are going to India like carnival RCL but no updates from Costa in regards to go back to India and everyone are kept in place with lack of information. We are under depression at least basic facilities are given then the crew would have been happy and food is more important.”

The crew member has shared his test results and the documents he received from the Italian health authorities. The first document is the Covid-19 test result showing that he tested positive for the virus.

“We all are good here but we have no symptoms that's ok we are in quarantine but the food is not good. We were tested on 26th April and 5th May now 12th May test done at least they could say we are fine or not every time we ask they say don't know being doc how can't they say don't know. At least they should have shared results so that we won't be panic” says the crew member.

The second photo is the document the crew members who tested positive received, informing them that they need to be transferred to a so-called "hospital hotel" Casa Betania in Pisa.