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AIDA Cruises to Broadcast UEFA EURO 2024

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This summer, AIDA Cruises' fleet will offer live broadcasts of the official UEFA European Championship games, happening in Germany from June 14 to July 14. Passengers on all AIDA cruise ships will have the opportunity to watch every minute of the matches, even while at sea, thanks to satellite technology. Football broadcasts will be shown on both the public screens throughout the ships and in cabins TVs.

Fans can enjoy the action of their favorite national teams in a public viewing setting, featuring bright LED displays. Depending on the vessel, matches may be viewed on the pool deck, in the theater, or at the brewery, with each location decked out to enhance the football experience. Those preferring a more subdued setting can watch the matches in the comfort of their own cabins.

Expert panels and fan discussions Aboard the ships, expert panels featuring AIDA crew members along with fan discussions will provide additional entertainment and camaraderie. Here, football enthusiasts can share thoughts, discuss strategies, and offer their predictions.

Beyond live match screenings, AIDA Cruises has curated a varied program related to UEFA EURO 2024™. Highlights include a football-themed edition of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” sports meetups, quizzes, football workshops, and traditional football snacks like finger food, currywurst, and hot dogs. On select ships, guests can also participate in goal wall shooting.

Another exciting feature is the football box, where two players compete in a game of seated football in a compact, separate arena. The stools serve as goals. The Bolzbox, first introduced on AIDAprima in 2023 and featured on “Schlag den Star,” is a unique twist on table football and will also be available on AIDAperla, AIDAnova, and AIDAcosma for UEFA EURO 2024™.

A special treat for all fans is the AIDA goals prediction game, where knowledge of football could win you excellent prizes. Predict all 51 match outcomes to win an AIDA voucher worth 1,500 euros, an exclusive AIDA football jersey, a football, and socks, plus more surprise packages from AIDA.
Additionally, for those dreaming of experiencing the European Football Championship live, AIDA Cruises, in partnership with Coca-Cola, is offering a thrilling raffle: 2x2 tickets to a UEFA EURO 2024™ preliminary round match, among other surprise packages.