Alcohol Controls for Crew on Princess Cruises Ships

Mar 16, 2016

Princess Cruises enforces alcohol controls for Its crew members. The policies are as follows.


Princess Cruises enforces a policy of restricting crew members from:

Bringing onboard alcohol purchased ashore

Exceeding the maximum limit of Equor/spirit served per drink

Receiving drinks above and beyond the regular quota in the Crew Bar/Wardroom Exceeding the maximum amount of alcohol purchased from the Cambusa Bulk Sale

Wine in Officer's/Staff Mess

Bringing onboard alcoholic beverages:

In line with the passenger gangway alcohol policy, crew members are permitted to bring one bottle of wine or champagne per crew member, purchased shore -side, during a port of call. All other forms of alcohol such as spirits, beers etc. are not permitted onboard without the written consent of an executive committee member.

Upon discovery of a breach of this policy in terms of quantity or product. Security staff will confiscate the alcoholic products and discard contents In the crew members presence after sailing.

The Captain or Customer Services Director should prepare a notification, similar to the below, outlining the policy and added to all 'New Joiner Packages':

We kindly request that you do not bring any alcoholic beverages purchased shore-side onboard the vessel for consumption. Alcoholic beverages discovered by Security Staff are liable for confiscation and will be destroyed.

Exceeding the Maximum limit of liquor/spirit per drink:

The maximum limit of liquor/spirits that is allowed lobe served to any sea staff per drink is two shots or 3oz. Under no circumstances should any drink, mined or single spirit, exceed this amount. This role applies to all passenger bars, crew bars and crew events managed or arranged by the Company. Receiving drinks above and beyond the regular quota in the Crew Bar/Wardroom:

Sea staff using the ship's crew and wardroom bars are limited to purchasing two alcoholic beverages (per individual, per order) at a time. The objective is to prevent sea staff from 'stock piling beverages prior to bar closing.

As per the RSA poky and whenever a Bartender (crew bar or public lounge) becomes aware of stock piling or any other matter in conflict with RSA policy, the Bartender must bring the incident to the attention of a supervisor/manager who then needs to act upon the situation.

Cambusa Bulk Sale:

In addition to the Company's RSA program, the following summarizes the revised crew cellar sales and cabin quota policy.

- Change of Bulk Sale timing

- Each Crow Member must attend the sale personally with Laminex, Irrespective of rank

- All purchases will be recorded electronically directly into the P.O.S.

- All alcohol items have been assigned applicable alcoholic beverage parts,

- Each Crew Member will be allowed to purchased a maximum of 8 alcoholic beverage parts in a two-week period for cab4-a consumption

-The selection of non-alcoholic beverages for bulk sale will be increased.

-Crow Cabin Quota for a Crew Member is 12 alcoholic beverage parts (per person)

In addition, in section 2 clarifications are being made to crew bar sales, the alcohol content of drinks and wine provided in the Officers Mess.

Cambusa sales will be held every two weeks and open for one hour each day over a three day period. 

Timings to include one A.M., one midday and one P.M. sale and should Include at least one port day.

All Crew Members, irrespective of rank, must attend the bulk sale personally and present their Laminex to purchase cellar issue items. Under no circumstances are third -party purchases allowed.

One exception may be allowed at the discretion of onboard management: 

once a fortnight you can offer a non-alcoholic bulk -sale. During this short time -frame, cabin stewards will be able to pick up non-alcoholic requirements via signed chits for officers and officer equivalents. 

Under no circumstances are Cash Cards to be used for third -party purchases (even if non-alcoholic). 

P.O.S. Check of Purchases: 

In order to ensure purchases are being made personally and the personal quota of alcoholic beverage parts is not being exceeded, all purchases are to be verified and recorded at the P.O.S. using an Access Database on either the Cellar -Master's Computer or Laptop. 

This process is not to be conducted after the sale. An additional staff member (not necessarily an F&B officer) may need to be utilized to operate this system.

Alcoholic Beverage Parts:

Each item will be identified with the following applicable alcoholic beverage quota:

- Six Pack of Beer = 1 

- One Bottle of Wine = 1 Part

- 375mISpirits = 1.5 Parts

- 1 Liter Spirits = 4 Parts

Increase of Non -Alcoholic Beverage Selection: 

Additional range of Sobe, Nutrisoda, Sports Drinks and Juices will be made available for purchase by Crew Members.

In order to allow for leftover quantities of alcoholic beverages in addition to the biweekly quota maximum, the maximum amount of alcoholic beverages allowed in a crew member's cabin may not exceed 12 alcoholic beverage parts for each Crew Member.

While wine will continue to be available in the officer’s mess, the self-service of wine will be discontinued. It now must be ordered through the Officers' Mess Steward who then will serve the wine in accordance with the Company's RSA policy.