Bardo Museum Terrorist was Living in Italy Before the Attack

Mar 16, 2016

Noureddine Chouchane, the mastermind of several terrorist attacks including the Bardo Museum massacre, was living in Italy where in January 2011 he collect his passport by the Tunisian consulate in Genoa. Italian anti-terrorism department opened an investigation on his movements and motives in Italy.

According to official sources, the terrorist would find refuge and stayed long time in Ancona, disguised among the other immigrant’s recruiting people to fight for the Islamic State.  

Over 50 people were injured in Bardo massacre. Among the victims were nine MSC Splendida cruise ship passengers, and five Costa Fascinosa passengers were killed, including eight injured.

It is believed that during his stay in Italy he recruited Giuliano Delnevo Ibrahim, a young man from Genoa, killed in Syria in June of 2013.

Couchanne was killed thanks to an American raid in February 19 in Sabratha, Libya, where the Islamists held four Italian hostages.

The anti-terrorism pool of the Genoa Prosecutor today opened an investigation to trace the contacts in Muslim gathering places in the city, especially in the old town. The question remains, how the Italian authorities failed to arrest Couchanne while he was in Italy recruiting mujahidin’s for ISIS?