“Cafe 365” The Crew Mess On Celebrity Edge

May 06, 2019

Much is talked about the food served for the crew on board cruise ships. Many crew members say that the food is not that great and always the same items are served. Others will argue that some are very picky and they need to adjust to the new environment, which is quite different from back home. Usually on the ships there are three dining areas for the employees Crew Mess, Staff Mess and Officers Mess. For the majority of the crew, this concept of dividing the employees into separate dining areas is not a great solution, especially when better food is served for Staff and Officers.

The dining concept on Celebrity Cruises ships is quite different. The company has adopted a new model of one dining area for all 1377 onboard employees. Cafe365 is the name of the dining area where all crew officers and staff members eat together. This venue looks similar like lido buffet for the guests with beautiful interior design and a wide variety of choices. The crew galley is also quite interesting constructed with an open area concept where the crew can see all chefs preparing the food. As you can see from the photos bellow everything is clean and very organized.

What is served at Celebrity Edge crew mess Café 365?

Café 365 serves breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner and late night buffet, so you can say that is open all the time. For breakfast, there are cold cuts cereals, eggs, breakfast pastries and bread, sausages and sometimes omelet station. For lunch, there are hot entrees, a deli or sandwich area, rice, pasta station, salad station with fresh vegetables and tuna or chicken salad and of course deserts. The crew galley also prepares two soups.

Celebrity Edge Crew Mess Cafe 365

Dinner will also feature hot entrées where the dining area has separate Asian food, Healthy choice and Grill station. On a daily bases, there is a carving area where the chef serves chicken turkey or beef and quite often there is a taco station which everyone loves it. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and pica are served each day as well. There is also an ice cream machine which is quite rare to find on the other cruise lines. For international holidays you can find whole roasted pork or lamb which is quite unique. Fresh fruit station is always available where you can find pears, apples, bananas, pineapple, melons, and other fruits.

The dining area is also open from 11 pm to 12 pm for the Late buffet when the leftover food from the main dining room and the buffet are served for the crew.

So there you have it Celebrity Edge Dining area for crew Café 365. It looks like celebrity cruises did a great job with the crew mess. Bon Appetite

Celebrity Edge Crew Mess on cruise ship Cafe 365

Celebrity Cruises Crew Mess Cafe 365

Crew Mess Cafe 365 on cruise ship

cruise ship crew mess

cruise ship crew food line

Celebrity Edge Crew Mess open concept

crew mess coffee station

Celebrity Edge Crew Mess Galley

crew mess galley on cruise ship Edge

Crew mess hot food line

crew mess line on Celebrity cruise ship