Canadian cruise passenger fined €450 after jumping into famous fountain in Rome

Aug 04, 2018

It may have been all this heat in Rome, but one Canadian man decided he couldn't resist jumping into the Barcaccia fountain which is made into the shape of a half-sunken ship.

The 30-year-old Canadian national who arrived yesterday at the port of Civitavecchia by a cruise ship, visited Rome and the historic square around noon. After jumping into the fountain he was immediately noticed by a police officer who told the tourist to get out of the fountain. The police officer accompanied him to the nearest police station in Via della Greca, where he had to pay a € 450 fine for inappropriate behavior towards a historical monument.

The man who was with his friend explained the police that he doesn’t have a passport with him and only has his Id card issued by the cruise ship. His explanation of why he jumped into the fountain was : "In Canada the fountains are not so beautiful, I could not resist and I dived".

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