Celebrity Constellation Chef Arrested for Attempted Murder of his Supervisor

Jun 05, 2016

A 31 year old Jamaican chef, working onboard the cruise ship Celebrity Constellation was arrested by the Italian Police in Salerno for attempted murder. The 31 year old Jamaican crew member reportedly lost his temper after verbal argument with his supervisor, a 38 year-old Indian Head Chef. After the argument, the Jamaican with initials O.G. stabbed his supervisor in a stomach with a kitchen big knife.

At the time of the incident there were eight crew members in the galley, including waiters and cooks, who felt powerless to aggression after they realized that the verbal argument had degenerated, and the Indian chef was already lying on the floor bleeding. The onboard medical staff provided first aid, and the victim was transported to the hospital in Salerno where he was undergoing surgery hospitalized in critical condition. The Jamaican was arrested on charges of attempted murder and the weapon used was collected as evidence by the police. The 31 year old was arrested and taken to prison in Salerno.

Police investigators gathered the evidence and statements from the witnesses who said that there had been some disagreements between the two crew members in the past, but nothing so important to precipitate an attack. The Jamaican chef admitted that he had acted instinctively, because he was exasperated by the tone used by his supervisor. He was subjected to alcohol test and tested positive for high percentage of alcohol.