Celebrity Cruises Passengers searching for Italian Port in Dubrovnik

Jul 15, 2017

Yesterday July 14, a middle aged couple who were visiting Dubrovnik on a cruise ship approached local shop owner. They kindly asked him if he could help them locate a picturesque little bay with brightly painted houses because they couldn’t find it. They show him a brochure of Dubrovnik with Celebrity Cruises logo on it which they got onboard the ship. The man just smiled and said I know where this place is, but it is in Italy. This was the story published today by Total-Croatia-News under the title “Could the cruise ship industry care less about their clients in Dubrovnik”

The author of the article adds that this is not a scandal, rather than disrespectful act to the passengers and the destination from which cruise company makes lots of money. 

Clearly, someone in the Printers Office on Celebrity Constellation which was anchored alongside Costa Luminosa and MSC Poesia that day made a BUBU printing the program for Dubrovnik with a picture of the Italian port of Portofino. Leaving the people to wonder, is Dubrovnik in Italy, or is Portofino in Croatia?

Photo credit: Total-Croatia-News

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