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China announces full resumption of international cruise operations

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On Tuesday, China's Ministry of Transport officially gave the green light for the full resumption of international cruise ship transport to and from its ports, signaling a crucial step towards normalcy in the wake of the global pandemic.

The resumption of international cruise transportation in China has been a long-anticipated development. Trials to assess the feasibility and safety of reopening cruise operations began early this year at key ports in Shanghai and Shenzhen. These trials served as a testing ground to evaluate the efficacy of health and safety protocols in preventing the spread of COVID-19 among passengers and crew members.

In the official notice released the ministry outlined the essential steps and guidelines that will shape the revival of the cruise industry. The local transport authorities at the ports where cruise ships will dock should develop comprehensive plans for the restoration of international cruise transportation. These plans must be submitted for approval by local governments before resumption work can commence. 

Additionally, the ministry's notice highlights the importance of effective management of the cruise market. This involves monitoring and regulating the cruise industry to ensure that it operates in a manner that is not only safe but also sustainable. China's Ministry of Transport's announcement regarding the full resumption of international cruise ship operations is a significant step forward for both the country's tourism sector and the global cruise industry.