Costa and AIDA Cruises Donate 100.000 Euros to Mercy Ships

Mar 08, 2017

Marking the long-term partnership and commitment of their recently signed declaration of intent, Costa Group donated € 100,000 to bring the mission of Mercy Ships to hope and healing to the poorest of the poor. The organization Mercy Ships which operates a vessel named Africa Mercy transformed into a floating hospital will use the donation to support more than 1,700 life-changing treatments and operations carried out by the volunteer doctors and surgeons while in Benin, Africa. This is the largest hospital ship in the world, with volunteers from over 40 countries currently working onboard. Mercy Ships offers free medical and dental treatments where urgent medical treatments are required.

In addition, Costa Group will contribute with the following actions:

• Costa Group on all 26 cruise ships including AIDA Cruises, Costa Cruises, and Costa Asia will promote the activities of Mercy Ships in order to familiarize the guest of the importance of their work.

• Establishment of a volunteer program for the staff and crew of Costa and AIDA with the aim of providing assistance directly on board Mercy Ships.

• The officers and technicians of Mercy Ships will be given the opportunity to work aboard the ships of the Costa Group, to gain practical experience in maritime operations and to expand their nautical expertise.

Michael Thamm, CEO of Costa Group, presented the check to Don Stephens, Mercy Ships Founder & President.

 "Working with organizations that are committed to the same goals as we has always been important to us. We are looking forward to work with Mercy Ships as they offer invaluable medical services where we can make a meaningful contribution. Thanks to the new partnership, Mercy Ships' crew members will be able to work on board the Costa Group fleet to renew nautical patents or certificates. In return, the crew members of the Costa Group can make a voluntary commitment to Africa Mercy. It is important for Costa Group to create a work environment that allows our employees to engage actively in volunteering. We look forward to share our knowledge with the crew and, in turn, to get the chance to learn and develop." Said Michael Thamm.

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