Costa Diadema Itinerary

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Costa Cruises

Complete Costa Diadema cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the season 2021 voyages. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date with arrival and departure times in all ports of call. Primarily this document is for use of Costa Cruises crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it. You can download the schedule in PDF at the bottom of the page.

Important notice: As the situation evolves with the current developments by the COVID-19 pandemic, please check with the cruise line about cancelations or modifications of voyages.

Costa Diadema Sailing Itineraries May-June 2021

Date Port Arrival-Departure
21-May-21 Barcelona, Spain 08:00-18:00
22-May-21 Marseille, France 08:00-18:00
23-May-21 Savona, Italy 08:00-17:00
24-May-21 Barcelona, Spain 13:00-20:00
25-May-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
26-May-21 Cadiz, Spain 08:00-16:00
27-May-21 Lisbon, Portugal 09:00-22:00
28-May-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
29-May-21 La Coruna, Spain 07:00-18:00
30-May-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
31-May-21 Le Havre (Paris), France 07:00-19:00
1-Jun-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
2-Jun-21 Kristiansand, Norway 08:00-16:00
3-Jun-21 Copenhagen, Denmark 09:00-17:00
4-Jun-21 Kiel, Germany 08:00-20:00
5-Jun-21 Copenhagen, Denmark 10:00-18:00
6-Jun-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
7-Jun-21 Hellesylt, Norway 09:00-11:00
7-Jun-21 Geiranger, Norway 13:00-18:00
8-Jun-21 Haugesund, Norway 12:00-20:00
9-Jun-21 Stavanger, Norway 08:00-18:00
10-Jun-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
11-Jun-21 Kiel, Germany 08:00-20:00
12-Jun-21 Copenhagen, Denmark 10:00-18:00
13-Jun-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
14-Jun-21 Nordfjordeid, Norway 08:00-18:00
15-Jun-21 Alesund, Norway 08:00-18:00
16-Jun-21 Haugesund, Norway 09:00-18:00
17-Jun-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
18-Jun-21 Kiel, Germany 08:00-20:00
19-Jun-21 Copenhagen, Denmark 10:00-18:00
20-Jun-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
21-Jun-21 Hellesylt, Norway 09:00-11:00
21-Jun-21 Geiranger, Norway 13:00-18:00
22-Jun-21 Alesund, Norway 08:00-16:00
23-Jun-21 Stavanger, Norway 09:00-18:00
24-Jun-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
25-Jun-21 Kiel, Germany 08:00-20:00
26-Jun-21 Copenhagen, Denmark 10:00-18:00
27-Jun-21 At Sea 00:00-23:59
28-Jun-21 Hellesylt, Norway 09:00-11:00
28-Jun-21 Geiranger, Norway 13:00-18:00
29-Jun-21 Molde, Norway 07:00-15:00
30-Jun-21 Stavanger, Norway 10:00-20:00


  • Costa Diadema Statistics
  • Double occupancy/max occupancy:  3724 / 4947
  • Crew:  1250
  • Year built:  2014
  • Tonnage:  132500
  • Length overall:  1004ft (306m)
  • Beam:  122ft (37.2m)
  • Draught:  28ft (8.5m)
  • Cruising speed:  20 knots
  • Flag:  Italy
  • Class:  Dream
  • Sister ships:   Carnival Breeze   Carnival Dream   Carnival Magic  
  • Godmother:  Carolina Miceli (travel agent)


Download cruise ship itinerary in PDF File for an entire year at the link below.