Costa Mediterranea Arrives in Jakarta to Repatriate the Indonesia Crew

Jun 15, 2020

The cruise ship Costa Mediterranea arrived today off the coast of Jakarta to disembark the Indonesian crew members. Around 400 Indonesian crew members are doing disembarkation at 7 am on the morning escorted by the Indonesian navy and Coast Guard. The disembarkation procedure will take place 7 am to 12noon for all Indonesian crew members who will disembark today., and the ship will stay off the coast of Jakarta till tomorrow. The ship’s next stop will be Manila on June 22, where Costa Cruises Filipino crew will disembark.

The crew is very happy and excited to return to their families back home. They say the spirits are high on Costa Medireannea and that the company make sure they are well treated and provided various onboard entertainment for the crew.

“We are all okay here because we have some recreational like gym here and we can jog on open deck but still we need to do social distancing. We can drink coffee and eat crepes at the bar. We can play table football and table tennis. We have free WhatsApp and Facebook here mate” said one crew member

“Costa is doing the best to bring us back home safe and healthy.”

Costa Mediterranea set sail from the port of Brindisi, Italy on May 15 on a long journey to Asia to repatriate it’s Indonesian and Filipino crew members home. According to the original plan the ship was scheduled to arrive in Bali, Indonesia on June 10 to disembark the Indonesian crew members. After which the ship was scheduled to arrive in Manila on June 17, where the Filipino crew members will disembark.