Costa Mediterranea Set Sail Today To Repatriate Filipino and Indonesian Crew

May 15, 2020

The cruise ship Costa Mediterranea has set sail today from the port of Brindisi, Italy on a long journey to Asia to repatriate Indonesian and Filipino crew members home. The voyage will take the crew through the Suez Canal and make an anchorage to do bunkering operation. Costa Mediterranea will arrive in Muscat on May 27, for loading of goods, and the same day the ship will set sail to Singapore. 

According to the plan the ship is scheduled to arrive in Bali, Indonesia on June 10 to disembark our fellow Indonesian crew members. The final stop will be Manila on June 17, where the Filipino crew members will disembark. Once reaching these destinations Costa Cruises will have coordinated debarkation in cooperation with the local government and the managing agencies to ensure everyone can reach home safely.

A fellow crew member has shared the following repatriation plan with scheduled stops and arrival dates.

In April, Costa Cruises presented the repatriation plan to use the Costa Mediterranea in order to return the Indonesian and Filipino crew back home. Before setting sail on this long journey Costa Mediterannea made a stop in La Spezia to disembark European crew and pick up the Filipino and Indonesian crew from the cruise ship Costa Pacifica. Then the ship set sail to Brindisi, where Costa Fortuna and Magica, Filipino and Indonesian crew embarked on Costa Mediterranea. The company said all ships involved in the crew transfer are safe with no positive cases of COVID-19.

In a letter sent to the crew, Costa Cruises said they are deeply thankful for the dedication and care all the crew provided to the guests and towards one another during extraordinary circumstances such as these. Costa Cruises said it was humbled to see so many of the crew going above and beyond and truly embodying the W.I.D.E spirit.

“Our thoughts and hearts are with you and your families and of course with all nations and individuals worldwide who are affected and suffered from COVID-19 disease and restrictions.” Costa Cruises said.