Court orders arrest of a crew member for murder of his girlfriend on a cruise ship

The Brazilian Federal Court ordered the arrest of Bruno Souza Bicalho Valley Ricardo, accused of murdering his girlfriend in January 2010, Camilla Peixoto on MSC cruise ship , where the two were crew members. 

The Prosecutor said that he acted knowingly, freely  and killed, Camilla by choking and strangling her in the cabin that they were sharing. The crew member who was a bartender was jealousy of the victim and for fear that she would ended the relationship, killed her. According to the records, Camilla had decided to break up with her boyfriend and disembark the ship at the next port of call Santos, Brazil.


In a testimony, the defendant argued that  he left his girlfriend for two hours in the cabin and when he returned he found her lifeless hanging by a rope attached to an air conditioner. The Family of the victim said the couple had a history of fights.  


Police is searching for the accused and can’t locate him in any of the listed addresses which indicate that he has intention of fleeing and pronounced him fugitive.

Source: Brazilian Media