Crew Member recalls evacuation of the cruise ship Viking Sky

March 22, 2019, 10 pm the weather conditions deteriorated while we were sailing in Norway and the seas were rough. But we knew this was normal for this part of the year during the Norwegian fjords sailing. We were not nervous and everything was going normal. 4 am in the morning March 23, 2019, from the rough weather I woke up while a bottle of water fell from the desk and spill on the floor (but I ignored it) I went on to sleep again and woke up at 8 am. My drawers started to open alone as well as my closet doors started to slide all my clothes on the floor. (I haven't ignored it) 11 am in the morning I feel different, I fell out of bed, and quickly put my warm clothes on. I already drink a seasick pill but only one I didn't think about knowing that I know what will happen. Suddenly, we were the electricity went off and then I started to panic because emergency lights went on. I'm going out of my cabin (I yelled) "guys what's going on?!" I saw two crew members who hurry up faster when they came out of their cabin and went up to the top. I decided to climb (PS: while i am writing this ' my chest are pounding as if I was there in that event again, trust me Its very traumatic:) when I got up to our hallway (i95) crewmembers are ready and standing. After few minutes, we couldn't stand well and were going left and right on the floor, and suddenly the familiar sound was blasted on the ships PA system 7 SHORT AND 1 LONG BLAST!.

While asking for the code for muster station, I can't stop thinking that " is this true?! Oh I just dreamed. " panic first enters my mind. And I'm so scared! I'm so confused about what I'm going to do Until I feel I should go to my station. I needed 3 minutes before I got up and started moving to my station. When I went to the lifejacket locker we surprised me. A crew member trying to open the metal door, I pulled the door, it was heavy! I repeated Open the door and there i am a little bit of a sea and a strong wind that is a whistling tornado, I almost pull the wind away from the locker but I didn't get kicked, you will also hear the other crew member shouting a shout. Some people just staring at it and have nothing to do with a crew member I saw he wanted to jump I couldn't name it, I pulled it on the ship I pull her on the floor and he was already in tears and was to be losing myself, I slapped him! And I said we can't stand here.

She is also my best friend. Next event you won't be able to make a broken plate, broken dishes, did tables and chairs. Broken glasses and people who can't stand!, it's rumbling all over, but before that happens I'm waiting for my friend to get a lifejacket. I didn't agree to leave there he was safe and I saw him too and I gave a lifejacket, he was scared to say he didn't say

I'm scared "just speak louder, I won't allow you to perish" those are the last words I said to him, before I go to my station. When I come there, we reported to our leader. We stood there and looked and the one who was with us was talking with him. Then I remember I forgot to take with me my money that I left in my cabin.

I went back at my own risk (DISCLAIMER: I bought my duties there beside me and we didn't have a guest that was held and I just lost almost 2 minutes. Don't be able to do this because it is against your duties, I am saying this to serve as a lesson. It's already 2 PM and the captain has announced that the guests who are injured are supposed to be evacuated first.

There's a coming helicopter, but only 20 people can be lifted at a time. 5:30 pm 40 guests, the that rescue no one can stop moving. Did a ship, the other guests were able to evacuate the emergency station because we were going to enter the water at the top of the wave update only 40 to 50 ft waves.

We faced and 80 to 120 miles per hour wind the weather condition so the life raft is impossible to launch.  8:40 pm made me zone leader because the zone leader was busy with the evacuation i guarded almost 80 guests I saw the worry in their face the others crying. I'm with Mathew James our guitarist onboard - salute it

Norwegian coast because our machine is dead every 30 minutes captain is announced about evacuation. Mixed emotions that I did goodbye to my loved ones and my parents. And then my mama said "pray, and the Lord will not make you down”

I can't do it! I told my mom "I don't know ma if I'm going to listen to you, despite i forgetting her"

5 am in the morning. We are still adrift, we are already losing hope to rescue (btw we still have wifi onboard even if it's an emergency, kudos to me too. T WE) 

7 am in the Morning same weather, the captain said I saw a crying guest I approached him and I said " don't cry madam will be by your side - all the way we are safe we are not sinking there is no water downstairs ". Some passengers who were standing have been sliding from left to right while sitting because of so much shaking by the ship, but eventually, there are two tug boats that helped to get away from rock and helped stabilize the ship. There were bottles broken at the bar those big glasses that are really strong also broken, there are IPhone and Ipads left by the pool because of the announcement. Personal belongings left, we also had to go to the guest room to take their medicine and coats during the emergency. All the crew of the Vikings sky they are inside especially those Filipino so brave I didn't see any of them too scared. And there after 11 am, the captain has announced that we are safe now.

Lessons learned? know how to value people who you can value now! and let god be the center of everything you do!

Points? Do not ever risk your life with material things when in evacuation.

PS: Do not hesitate to say I LOVE YOU