Crew Member Scammed for $2000 on Fake Credit Card Application

May 03, 2018

A cruise ship employee in a need for a credit loan to start his own business was tricked to apply for a fake credit card with a large limit. Mr. Wang from Shapingba District in China says he was tricked to pay some $ 2000 for a fake credit card. “I am a cruise ship employee. I was ready to invest in opening a catering shop but I need some 50,000 yuan to start the business.” Mr. Wang said that, a few days ago, he saw a big credit card advertisement on his mobile phone and submitted an application form based on the page display content.

The following day, Mr. Wang received a customer service phone call from the credit card agency. The operator said that the submitted application has been approved, however, he was entitled to 20,000 yuan credit. The other party stated that Mr. Wang’s credit limit can be increased if he pays 1,000 yuan in advance.

After this payment, the credit card company called Mr. Wang again and said that the card had been completed. However, due to the operational needs of the company, Mr. Wang need to pay another 6,000 yuan as an agent fee. If he refused to pay within 5 hours his previous application information will be canceled, and the previous payment will not be refunded. The crew member made this payment also and three days later, he successfully obtained a credit card. However, when he tried to withdraw money, he discovered that the credit card could not be activated.

“I quickly called the card company. I did not expect that the card company said that it was my improper operation that made the credit card unable to activate. If you want to activate, you need to pay another 5,000 yuan.” When Mr. Wang heard this, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

In desperation, Mr. Wang paid another 5,000 Yuan. However, shortly after the credit card could not be activated, and then called the so-called card company's phone, even the phone could not get through.

In the end, Mr. Wang went to the bank with to check his so-called credit card. After careful examination by the bank staff, that this was a fake credit card. The man has reported the scam to Shapingba District police station which has launched an investigation.

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