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Crew Self-Care: How to Stay Well Until We Re-Embark

Dear Crew Worldwide,

How are you today? We really hope you are managing as well as it is possible in these uncharted waters. We know it’s scary to find ourselves in this new reality with suspended jobs, no certainty and plenty of challenges to come. So, let’s take a few moments and explore the state of our inner world, our inner selves.

As hard as it might get, we cannot allow anger, frustration, fear, desperation, depression take over. We must resist. We focus a lot on protecting ourselves and our families physically from COVID-19, but in this article let’s explore a few ways on how to stay morally/mentally healthy too.

Where do we start?

We start with a conscious decision to take care of ourselves. There is nothing new in the following steps, merely a reminder about easy and effective tools that can really help us pull through.

Step 1 / Self-evaluation

Let’s evaluate our own state of mind. Ask ourselves if we are okay? What bothers us most? What are the reasons for stress? What fears might we have? Let’s write everything down. Once reasons are identified, they are much easier to understand and overcome.

Step 2 / De-stressors

Let’s remember what brings us joy, comfort and peace. Maybe talking to friends, watching movies, praying, meditating, reading books, online socializing or getting some alone time, preparing/eating good food, doing sports, charity work, playing video games/board games or any other hobby that will sooth us. And let’s do it more often.

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Step 3 / Adjusting Reality

Let’s adjust our preferred de-stressors to current time. If it is sports – we can create an indoors routine. If it’s food – we can explore ease and budget-friendly recipes, plan out some special treats too. If it’s socializing – let’s use online resources. Each de-stressor can be adapted, we just need to make it happen.

Step 4 / Distractions

Let’s distract ourselves from everything by learning/doing something new. If we have kids – let’s involve them too. It can be crafts, languages, new skills – there are millions of video-tutorials online that are free of charge. We just need to give it a go.

Step 5 / Being Connected

Let’s keep checking in with our families, friends, colleagues. We do not need to talk about worldwide illness all the time – we can create other topics and discussions. We can use Facetime, Video-calls, group calls. We can play games with each other online. Now is the time to pull together and keep each other sane.

Step 6 / Limitations

Let’s filter our media intake. There is so much information, so many sources, so many opinions, so many voices, - we really need to focus on reliable information and those public channels that we can trust. We should also limit the amount of times we read/listen/look for news – by all means, we need to remain aware, but this should not take over our entire life.

Step 7 / Physique

Let’s stay physically active. It’s a great way to get rid of anxiety. If we are not into sports, maybe we’d like to try now? We can start with mild exercises, some stretching, maybe yoga, - then gradually increase our level of intensity. Let’s start with 10-30 minutes a day. Otherwise, there is always daily home cleaning which can also improve virus-resistance.

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Step 8 / Re-focus

Let’s choose our focus. We can focus on problems all over – and that will become our reality. Alternatively, we can shift our focus to things we still have and can be grateful for. The choice is ours. And whatever challenges we may face, there is always a solution, whether we solve it ourselves or turn for support to our loved ones.

Step 9 / Planning

Let’s create plans. Daily routines will help us in keeping our stress level in check. Financial planning can help us stretch our resources for longer. Future plans can help us improve our lives even further (it can be further education, career growth, savings plans, pension planning, etc.)

Step 10 / Support

Seeking for help and support is okay. Whether it is moral or financial support – there is nothing to be ashamed of. There are times when we are in need and other can help. And then there will be times when we will be able to help and support others.

Dear Crew,

COVID-19 will keep on challenging us even further. It will test our might, our stress-level, our self-control, our relationships, our ability to adapt, our ways to respond to threats and unplanned circumstances, our patience and our resilience. Let’s keep our dignity no matter what!

These times will pass, but people will remember who we were and what we represented now. We need to focus on getting through coronavirus with as little mental/moral struggle as possible.

Let’s take good care of ourselves and our loved ones both physically and morally.

Keep staying healthy and safe!

  • Faithfully,
  • Tina Toberd

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