Cruise Line Employee Accused of embezzling $3.6 Million

May 06, 2019

A former Silversea Cruises employee has been accused of stealing $3.6 million from the luxury cruise line. According to the files presented to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the 53-year-old Filipino National, Mary Ann Abellanoza, who was working as an accounting supervisor for Silversea Cruises in Sydney’s office, executed deliberate and calculated fraud.

Over a period of four years, Mary Ann Abellanoza managed to transfer millions from Silversea Cruises Group to her personal bank account as well as to the account of her husband. The fraud was executed by using a downloadable generator to create fake invoices.

Mary Ann Abellanoza transferred part of the embezzled money to her husband’s account or a total sum of $811,565. That money is now gone, and according to the court files the cruise company can recover only $2.000.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that two charges were filed in separate court cases by Silversea. The first is a criminal case against the former Silversea Bookkeeper before the Downing Centre Local Court with next court date scheduled for May 23. The second is a civil case in court currently underway, in order to recover any missing funds from Abellanoza and her husband.

While working for Silversea Mrs. Abellanoza annual salary was $88,000 plus free cruises once a year on the company's expense.

In Australia, the Silversea Cruises Group office employs approximately 35 employees with a turnover in Australia of approximately $15,000,000 per annum.


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