Cruise Line Rewards Crew Members For Their Hard Work With Cash Bonus

Oct 03, 2019

Not long ago P&O cruise ship Oriana was sold to the new China-based Cruise Company Astro Ocean Cruises‬. After the ship was fitted with a new livery and logo during a technical stop-over in Greece the vessel was renamed Piano Land. The new Company has just entered the cruise market but they have strong support from their crew members who know the business due to the fact that most of them are former employees of other major cruise lines.

As we were informed Astro Ocean Cruises highly appreciates their support and experience in building the new brand and therefore decided to reward the hard-working crew with a $100 cash bonus, not once but twice. Each crew member received the first cash bonus on September 9, in an envelope saying “Your Excellence and Hard work lead to our success”. The second cash bonus was presented one month later on October 2.

Speaking with one crew member on this subject he says that for Astro Ocean Cruises Management most important honesty and hard work.

“Our Hotel Director Lee Ming thanked the crew for the effort that’s why he gave us a cash bonus of $100. Crew from many companies are here, P&O, Costa, Holland America, Norwegian, etc. They need our experience for their operation. Also, this is not the first time he gives gift actually this is the second time we received $100, all the crew here are second timer 3rd, etc. No first-timer here because they need to ensure that the operation will be successful. The cruise line that I was working on before didn’t give much rewards for the crew, at least not in cash. Chinese are not like that, u can say they invest for business, but what they have done to us by giving $100 is also an Investment for them. This bonus is for us to work harder also to work honestly because honesty is important for them.” Says the crew member.

Cash Bonuses motivate employees to raise their performance and acknowledge their hard work. This way they will feel like part of an integrated system contributing and lowering production costs, improving productivity and finally get an award for all of their work. After all, the majority of crew members are here for the money in order to support their families back home and each bonus is more than welcome.

Unlike land-based employees, the crew members don’t receive any bonuses if the company finishes the year in green with good profits. As we know for the past 10 years Cruise Lines have expanded significantly, launching new cruise ships and finishing the year with revenues reaching record figures. The majority of their success is thanks to the hard-working crew. However, still their contribution is not acknowledged accordingly. Only Royal Caribbean management last year decided to distribute a so-called Thank You Bonus in the form of a "Stock Unit Award." In order to get the full bonus award crew needs to be part of the company in the next three years.

This is the first time we hear that cruise ship crew members receive cash bonuses by any cruise line, and we do hope that other cruise companies will follow this example.