Cruise passengers witness feeding frenzy: sharks eat dead whale

May 25, 2016

Video released by a small cruise company in Australia went viral with 2,5 million views in four days. Passengers on a cruise in Shark Bay, Australia, witnessed a feeding frenzy of more than 70 tiger sharks devouring a dead whale in the middle of the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. In the drone video you can see sharks swimming in a circle around a 30 tons humpback whale, eat it slowly. Two small boats carrying fifteen passengers, are around the whale watching what is happening. To add more drama to the scene when the drone hits an overhead shot of the place, you can see the turquoise waters with big staining of blood.

What is disturbing is the reaction of the people as the boat gets closer to the whale, as if they want to take a bite of the whale. Not to mention safety concerns if one of the boats capsize it would be an out all you can eat buffet for the sharks!! In my opinion this is beyond horrible video of human behavior.


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Feeding frenzy at Shark Bay - Tigers having a whale of a time.

Posted by Eco Abrolhos on Friday, May 20, 2016

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