Cruise Ship Crew Travel Procedure Luggage Manual

Feb 08, 2016

The Cruise Company is NOT responsible for expenses incurred as a result of lost, damaged or excess baggage (Extra, overweight, oversized baggage fee) while joining / leaving Company vessels. TRAVEL TIPS: Below are some general tips when preparing to travel: 1. Be sure to attach a luggage tag to each baggage that will be checked in at theairport. It is recommended that luggage tags be attached to all carry-on items in case these items are left in the airplane overhead bin. 2. Inside each bag, place a copy of your itinerary (i.e. flight details, hotel details, joining letter) along with contact information. 3. Be sure to remove any old airline tags that were placed on your baggage from previous trips. 4. As so many bags look alike, it is recommended that crew attach something (i.e. stickers or labels) to their baggage that is easy to distinguish and identify at a glance. 5. It is recommended that you bring a small amount of clothing items in your carry-on. If your baggage gets lost, you will have some clothes to change into. 6. Make a note of what type of bags (color, type, and manufacturer) and any distinguishing characteristics. Having this information will be helpful should you have to report lost baggage. BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE POLICY: Please consult the individual airline's baggage policy prior to travel as airlines are constantly changing their respective Checked & Carry-on Baggage policy. In the event an airline charges a checked baggage fee (not an excess baggage fee) or a fee for a 2nd baggage to be checked in, please retain your receipt(s) in order to submit a claim for reimbursement. NOTE: Claims for reimbursement for 3 or more checked baggage or for excess baggage fees will not be considered unless otherwise stipulated in the crew member's employment agreement. (Check your employment contract agreement ) Please refer to Section 63.02.01 TRAVEL INCIDENT AND CLAIMS PROCEDURES: Checked Baggage: Piece Concept Policy: When travelling to/from the U.S. or Canada, each piece of luggage should not exceed a linear dimension (length+width+height) of 62" and a weight of 50 lbs/23 kg. Maximum 2 bags allowed. Weight concept Policy: This system is used in all areas except where the "piece" concept is used. Each piece should not exceed a linear dimension (length+width+height) of 62" and a weight of 44 lbs/20 kg. Maximum 2 pieces allowed only. Carry-on Baggage: When travelling to/from the U.S. or Canada, most carriers allow one carry-on item. * 1 purse, briefcase, or camera bag * or 1 laptop computer (computers cannot be checked and must be carried on); * or 1 item of a similar or smaller size to those listed above Size Restrictions: To avoid delays as well as fees, follow these general size requirements: * Baggage may not exceed 45 linear inches (or 115 cm) in combined length, width, and height * Baggage must fit easily in the Carry-on Baggage Check, which is located near the check-in counters and at the gate, and is approximately 22" x 14" x 9" or 56 x 36 x 23 centimeters. EXCESS BAGGAGE POLICIES Crew and Officers may be subject to an excess baggage fee if maximum baggage allowance is exceeded. Unless otherwise stipulated in the crew member's employment agreement, the Company is not responsible for excess baggage fees when joining/leaving a vessel. Please contact the airline directly or visit their website to review their current Excess Baggage Policy. Music Managers and Musicians: Music Managers and Musicians who incur excess baggage fees for their equipment may submit a claim by sending a completed claim form and original receipts directly to the Manager of Air Services. LOST BAGGAGE: If a crew member or Officer finds that his/her baggage did not arrive, they should do the following: 1. Go to the Airline's Baggage Claim Office located at the airport and file a report.provide contact details(i.e. cell phone number and/or email address), as well as a detailed description of your baggage. 2. Make sure the representative processing your claim provides you with a phone number as well as a Baggage Claim tracking number before leaving the airport in order to follow up on the status of your claim. 3. If joining a vessel, please notify the Port Agent so they can assist in tracking the status of your claim and advise them that they may send an e-mail notification to the Crew SAP/ Crew Manager of the vessel if baggage is located after sailing. The Port Agent will assist in forwarding the baggage to the next suitable port. Princess Cruises agrees to cover the Port Agent fees and shipping fees to have the luggage forwarded to the next port (these fees range from $40 to several hundred dollars depending on the distance involved.) 4. Once onboard a vessel, crew member must contact the Crew SAP / Crew Manager to inform them of the missing luggage, and provide the Crew Office with the claim information from the airline. Crew members should also provide the Crew SAP / Crew Manager an itemized list of belongings in each missing luggage piece and the approximate value. 5. Crew members will be issued a complimentary toiletry kit and will receive complimentary laundry services for five days or until luggage is delivered to the ship, whichever occurs first. 6. If luggage has not been recovered by the 3rd day, shipboard management may authorize a $50 voucher from crew Club funds to be given to the crew member for the purchased if incidentals. It is the responsibility of the HR Manager / Crew Club Treasurer to track all lost luggage costs. 7. In the event the luggage is not recovered, the crew member is encouraged to make a claim to the airline for lost luggage. Claims may take several weeks to be resolved; therefore it is at the discretion of shipboard management to issue an additional voucher for up to 200.00 USD from the Crew Club fund. These funds should be reimbursed by the crew member once the lost luggage claim is resolved. 8. Costs for lost luggage are to be tracked and may be submitted at the end of the year to Fleet Personnel, Employee Relations Manager. Consideration will be given to reimbursing the Crew Club from monies available. Costs will only be reimbursed to the shipboard Crew Club fund to the level of allotted funds available within the Crew Welfare budget. Any funds available in the budget will be distributed equitably amongst the fleet.