Cruise Ship Job Scam Warning

Mar 06, 2017

Today we received an e-mail from one of our readers from India who got an employment letter stating that he was approved a land based job for a major cruise line. The job seeker wanted to check with us if the letter he received was genuine and not some kind of scam. In the “Agreement and job offer letter” presented bellow he was promised a monthly salary of $6700 plus other benefits, which is a very high amount for the new employee. The email was sent by which is ghost email account. If you type you will find out that the website doesn’t exist, proving that this is a cruise ship job scam. 

How does the scam work?

People interested in cruise ship job positions send e-mails with their CV on many websites. Some pages are legit, however, there are many who will trick people into believing that they are real deal by promising high salaries. When the scam pages receive job seekers e-mail they will send you to reply with employment letter stating that you got the job. Next step of the scam is that you need to wire them money for processing fees, airplane ticket etc. Once you send theme the money you will never hear from the scammers again. Plain and simple.

How to avoid being scammed?

- As the saying goes "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is". If the salary is too high and conditions are too good, the in 99% of the cases it’s a scam.

- Always check if the email is legit and if there is an official website following the email address.

- Always check the official websites of the cruise companies. Many cruise lines have report scam section where you can check if the email you received is a scam or not. Here is a list of the official Royal Caribbean Scam Alerts. 

- All cruise lines have a list of official hiring partners around the world. Here is the list of Norwegian Cruise Line approved hiring partners around the world.

Here is the letter send to the job seeker:

Agreement and job offer letter

  • With reference to your application and subsequent online interview, we are pleased to offer you employment in Costa Cruises Line (USA)
  • The employment is subject to the following terms and conditions:
  • 2. CONTRACT PERIOD: The Contract will be valid for a period of three years from the date of joining and is extendable after the completion of three years.
  • 3, Benefits: - a, Salary Package: - Basic Salary; $6,700 (Monthly). $80,400 Us Dollars (Per Annum).
  • 3.2 Housing Facility: Suitable & comfortable accommodation will be given to you
  • 3.3 Telephone Expenses: Mobile allowance will be given to you
  • 3.4 Medical Allowance: Medical reimbursement will be given as per the company rules and regulations.
  • 3.5 Transport: Outside the city the transport allowance will be given to you for official purpose.
  • 3.6 Settlement Allowance: $5,000 Dollar & two months upfront salary on joining will be given to you.
  • 3.7 Annual leave: Annual Leave of one calendar month for each complete year of employment will be allowed to you. This may be accumulated for two years and availed together. Leave encashment may also be permitted by management discretion.
  • 3.8 Leave Passage: Return air passage, airfare for the economic class will be paid for you, and your family (wife/husband and two children under the age of 18 years old).
  • Costa Cruise Lines
  • 200 S Park Rd # 200,
  • Hollywood, FL 33021,
  • The United State of America
  • +1 315 951 0155
  • 3.9 Joining Expenses: You and your family (wife and husband with two children up to the age of 18 years old) will be entitled to economy class air ticket.
  • 3.10 Visa Expenses: You have to bear the visa expenses only.
  • 3.11 Bonus: Bonus may be payable at management discretion.
  • 3.12 Education Expenses: School Fees up to $5,000 Dollar for two children up to the age of
  • 18 years old per annum of actual whichever is will be an entitlement for your children. Expenses on a uniform, books, etc., will be borne by you.
  • WORKING HOURS: You are required to work 8(Eight) hours daily (30 Min( 2- breaks) and 40
  • (Forty) Hours per week. The working days is from Monday to Friday, training period working can be extended to Saturday.
  • 5. TERMINATION: This contract can be terminated by either party on given three months’ notice in writing or deduction of salary equivalent to 3 months in lieu of the notice period in probationary period of 2 years. In case of termination of employment by the employer on disciplinary grounds no notice period or compensation in lieu of the notice period is required to be given.
  • 6. SECRECY CLAUSE: You shall not part or disclose with any of the information to any outside person or organization. Breach of this condition shall be considered as a serious offence which may necessitate legal action being taken by the company against you.
  • 7. RESTRAINT OF EMPLOYMENT: You shall be restrained from taking employment with any of our group of companies or competitors in USA unless prior permission is obtained.
  • 8. JOINING PERIOD & TRANSFER: You are required to join the company by 1 month period as soon as you complete your visa processing. You should not have any objection to work even if you are transferred to any of our group of Company around the world.
  • 9. SECRECY: You shall not part or disclose with any of the information to any outside person or organization. Breach of this condition shall be considered as a serious offence which may necessitate legal action being taken by the company against you.
  • 10. COMPENSATION: In case you resign or otherwise wish to leave the service of the company before completing one full year of service under any circumstances whatsoever you shall compensate the company for: Joining expenses incurred by the company on you and Three month’s salary (Salary that will be retained up to three years as security and after successful completion of two years shall be reimbursed).
  • If you accept all the Terms and Conditions, kindly sign the offer letter and send it back to us as a token of your acceptance Offer. And you have to Contact the Consular in charge your visa processing.

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