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Cunard Line

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Cunard Line, one of the most iconic names in the cruise industry, is renowned for its rich maritime history and commitment to providing a classic and sophisticated cruise experience.

With a history dating back to 1840, Cunard is synonymous with maritime heritage and the golden age of ocean liners. The cruise line's signature liners, such as the Queen Mary 2, pay homage to this storied tradition. Cunard is famous for its transatlantic crossings, particularly aboard the Queen Mary 2. This iconic journey between New York and Southampton offers passengers a unique and elegant travel experience.

Cunard maintains a formal and refined atmosphere on board, with a dress code for certain areas during evenings. This adds a touch of old-world glamour to the cruise experience.

Construction Year:
Capacity: 2996 passengers
Length: 323 meters
Tonnage: 113000 gt
Construction Year:
Capacity: 2074 passengers
Length: 293 meters
Tonnage: 90049 gt
Construction Year:
Capacity: 2726 passengers
Length: 345 meters
Tonnage: 148528 gt
Construction Year:
Capacity: 2081 passengers
Length: 293 meters
Tonnage: 90901 gt