Dance Around The World with the Crew Member Alistair

May 02, 2016

Crew members on cruise ship have different hobbies, some collect magnets from all the city’s they visited, others buy souvenir plates, some collect coin’s from all over the world. Every crew member likes to keep some memory from his/her travel adventures. Crew member Alistair Twilley has unusual and unique hobby. He is filming places he have visited with a cruise ship and dances with his fellow crew members or locals. He needed 3 years to shoot his videos while he was working as Casino Dealer onboard Azamara Quest and different Celebrity ships. There are two videos “Dance Around with Alistair” posted on YouTube with over 50 locations and third video is on the way.

Here is what Alistair Twilley has to say about his videos:
“I like to travel, kind of lucky working on ships took me around for free. I see myself as a person that likes to bring people together no matter who or where there from and languages not a problem just join in and dance the night away. like I said, been on ships for 3 years so with the 2 vids plus video No.3 coming soon its taken me 3 years to collect all the content and edit and mix all together. There was a guy in America who had done the same, and lucky i saw it before. Then i thought i could do that working on ships traveling around to all the different country's. Working in the Casino we get to be in all guest areas and chat to all other departments and word gets around. So when we dock all people who want to take part come along and join in. When ship docks I go out to scope out a good venue with something in the background or something in the take to look like or have the feel of that country. I have visited over 40 countries and many of them i have not danced due to there's to many dance vid that would go on for ages. I want to have some memories for later years and do something different, bring all people together in something that everyone does DANCE and proves we can all get along.”