Italian Coast Guard Medevac Celebrity Constellation Passenger

May 27, 2016

Italian Coast Guard Medevac US passenger from Celebrity Constellation, while the cruise ship was sailing twenty nautical miles from Cape Colonna. The ship captain concerned about the poor health of the passenger, suffering from cerebral stroke, launched a distress call for immediate medical evacuation. The Medevac was performed with the use of rescue CP873 patrol boat from the port of Crotone, Italy.   

The favorable weather conditions allowed the Coast Guard vessel to reach the cruise ship in a short time. The aid, as required by the procedures, was coordinated by the operations room of the Master after consultation with the International Radio Medical Center (CIRM), already in contact with the medical staff on board. Once transhipped on patrol boat, the American tourist accompanied by the ship doctor and some relatives, was transferred at the port of Crotone where, he was transferred to hospital for further medical treatment.

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