The largest floating nightclub in the world opens in Dubai onboard Queen Elizabeth 2

Oct 20, 2021

The historic ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2, known as QE2, now became the world’s largest floating nightclub named Float Dubai.

On October 14, the vessel — which was purchased in 2008 by Dubai’s royal family and is now docked as a floating 215-room hotel at the commercial port of Rashid — hosted the club’s grand opening. It included a performance by U.S. rapper DaBaby, a DJ, acrobats, hula-hoop dancers and drinks with abnormally high prices. 

The ship was originally built for Cunard in the far 1969 as a transatlantic liner and a cruise ship. She served 39 years, offering voyages from the UK, including many celebrities onboard with many miles behind her. She even functioned as an army ship in 1982 during the Falklands War, with 3,000 troops on board.

The destiny of this Queen changed when in 1998, Cunard was sold to Carnival Corporations, and the ship stayed with them until it was sold again in 2008 to Dubai World, when its days of sailing the open seas were ended.