Mein Schiff 6 Crew Members Test Negative for Covid-19

Sep 29, 2020

The cruise ship Mein Schiff 6 carrying 922 passengers and 666 crew members docked at the port of Piraeus, Greece early on Tuesday, and a repeat test for 12 crew members was negative for Covid-19, Greek health ministry said. While the tests performed in a private laboratory in Heraklion showed that 12 out of 150 crew members are positive, repeat PCR tests were performed on board Mein Schiff 6, and the results turn out to be negative. Upon arrival in the Port of Piraeus, health authorities boarded the ship and carried out a third rapid test which confirmed that all 12 crew members are negative for Covid-19. The health officials also collected samples for molecular testing and the results are expected to confirm that the crew members are not carriers of the virus.

Following the latest test results, TUI Cruises released the following statement: “The unclear 12 positive COVID19 tests reported yesterday as part of routine tests among crew members of Mein Schiff 6 are negative after two further tests identified (PCR tests carried out by TUI Cruises and rapid antigen test by the Greek authorities). Another test carried out by the Greek authorities should confirm this again. The results are expected later in the day. TUI Cruises works in full with the Greek authorities in accordance with the previously agreed processes within the hygiene and health concept.

The entire crew has not become noticeable in the last 14 days. None of the 12 crew members have symptoms. As a purely precautionary measure and in accordance with the strict processes for resuming cruise operations that were agreed with the authorities in Greece, the 12 crew members concerned and 24 crew members of the contact group 1 were immediately isolated on board on Monday (of all 24 crew members of contact group 1 are also negative on the antigen test). Until the final results are presented, they remain isolated and are taken care of in the cabin.

Thanks to the extensive hygiene measures and distance rules on board, there is no cause for concern for guests or crew. Since no guests are affected or belong to contact group 1, no tests on guests are necessary. As soon as the approval of the Greek authorities is given, the cruise is to continue as planned. It is also planned to make up for the shore excursions scheduled for today in Piraeus tomorrow, Wednesday.”

The samples of the 12 tests that came out positive had been done in a laboratory in Crete, however, according to information, there was a suspicion by the Greek health authorities and the Civil Protection that the result might have been "false positive".