Ms Rotterdam Helps Evacuate Ms Zaandam Passengers After 4 Die and 2 test positive for COVID-19

Mar 27, 2020

The cruise ship ms Rotterdam operated by Holland America Line was sent on a humanitarian mission to aid her sister ship Ms Zaandam and deliver much needed medical supplies. Four passengers died onboard Ms Rotterdam in the past week and 2 people tested positive for COVID-19 after the number of reported cases with flu-like symptoms increased, reports Business Insider.

The two ships rendezvoused last night off the coast of Panama where the medical supplies, including COVID-19 tests were delivered to Ms Zaandam. According to our source passengers who are not ill were also transferred to ms Rotterdam. 

Crew Center received the following message from a crew member who wishes to remain anonymous: "Since the situation on HAL Zaandam became critical and they had a number of guests with reported symptoms, Rotterdam made a decision to help Zaandam with medicaments and food. The ship had sailed away from Mexico to help Zaandam. Nobody knew the exact number of guests with symptoms but we’ve been told they have flu-like symptoms.

After we dropped the Anchor in front of Zaandam we’ve been told that we are going to take those passengers who have no symptoms. Off curse, all crew members were concerned about this situation. So captain and a head office representative from Seattle gather everyone at the theater and told us that everything will be ok.

After we delivered COVID-19 tests to Zaandam for those who had symptoms we found out that 2 guests have been tested positive and 4 guests had died.

We still need to take guests from Zaandam and some of them may have the virus. We couldn’t provide tests for all of them, only for those who have symptoms. For the rest of the guests we will have just have to take temperature tests. 

We’ve been told that if we disagree with this situation we may self-isolate at our cabins. But the rumors are that the names of all crew members who will do so will be emailed into the main office.” Says one crew member.

Ms Rotterdam was docked in Puerto Vallarta since March 22, without guest on board when Ms Zaandam reported that there is a certain number of guest and crew that shows flu-like symptoms. The company instructed Ms Rotterdam to pick up medical supplies and additional medical staff from Ms Eurodam to deliver to Ms Rotterdam.

“We were informed in a last-minute notice that we are going to take guests from Zaandam and bring them to Fort Lauderdale for disembarkation. This created chaos for us here in Rotterdam since we don’t know what will happen. We are not sure if these guest are really healthy and we are doubtful. We don’t want to be infected and we don’t know if its covid-19 or just simple flu.” says another crew member.