MSC Divina Crew Not Allowed To Disembark In New York Because Of Cruise Ship Deserter

Mar 18, 2019

MSC Divina crew member has contacted Crew Center saying that no one from the ship’s onboard personnel was allowed to go ashore when the vessel docked in New York on March 17. The reason for this decision by the captain is because one crew member failed to report back to the ship while Divina was docked in Miami on March 14. According to our source, the crew member who didn’t return to the ship was Indian national working as a Pool boy. 

“He was working in the morning that day. When he had a lunch break he went outside. Till the ship’s departure he didn’t come back” says the crew member wishing to remain anonymous.

Before departing Miami, MSC Cruises vessel agent notified the Customs and Border Protection office that one crew member failed to board MSC Divina. Now the crew member is wanted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations officers.

New York City is the last stop in the United States for MSC Divina before the ship starts its long Trans-Atlantic journey to Europe. The crew members are clearly disappointed because they can’t go outside, and feel they are all punished because of one crew member. The disappointment is even bigger because the vessel is staying overnight in New York.

“Because one crew member deserted in Miami, 2 days before.  Then Captain decided all crew can’t go outside, in the morning when the Ship arrived in the NY.  We are very disappointed and angry with the man. We hope tomorrow the Captain will change his mind. So we can go ashore in the morning.” says the crew member.

A couple of days ago we reported of another crew member who failed to board the NCL cruise ship Norwegian Breakaway in New Orleans as well as many crew members who were caught by CBP Officers and deported back home.