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MSC Seaside Crew Members Arrested For Smuggling Cocaine

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Seven crew members were arrested in the port of Miami for smuggling cocaine reports Cruise Law News. The drug bust happened last week while the cruise ship MSC Seaside was in the port says Jim Walker, who was contacted by a crew member wishing to remain anonymous. The source says that US Customs and Border Protection officers boarded the MSC Seaside and “busted a drug smuggling ring.”

CBP officers arrested three Jamaican men and four South African women, all part of the MSC crew, and seized six kilos of cocaine and over $100,000 in cash. “A lot of cocaine was found on the ship. The drug smugglers are dangerous and many on the ship are afraid,” one MSC crew members told Cruise Law News. The article also mentions many of the drug busts on MSC cruise ship in the past years. 

Another crew member says that there was a similar cocaine bust last year onboard MSC Divina while the cruise ship was in Port of Miami. Back then some 30 crew members from housekeeping, bartenders, and waiters were arrested. The crew member says “A U.S. staff member (electronics technician) brought the drugs onboard. He was first arrested. Then another 10 crew were arrested and the following cruise when the cruise ship arrived in Miami police arrested more crew members. If I remembered well it was 4 arrests in a row.”