MSC Splendida Emergency Medical Evacuation of Crew Member

Mar 23, 2020

A crew member was evacuated from the cruise ship MSC Splendida today at around 14:00 central European time, while the vessel was near the island of Sardinia. According to our source, the crew member is a female Thai national working as a buffet attendant on board. The medical emergency was requested after the crew member was suffering from fever and sore throat for 3 days and her medical condition was getting worse.

“One crew member was sent by lifeboat in an emergency. This crew member was suffering from fever and sore throat 3 days now, and they said this crew was complaining of having difficulties to breathe. We have to stop for a few minutes to send this crew on land by using one of our rescue boats. No advise if this is corona or what...but most of the people here already begun wearing masks again.” says our source.

MSC Splendida is scheduled to arrive in Marseille, France tomorrow to disembark the remaining passages onboard. “At first it suppose to be around 800, then it became 240, now only 86 will disembark..we don't know yet if there will be any changes at all..for the disembarking crew? We don't have any idea at all. At this time ..we need help from you as well...we don’t know what’s next for us...this MSC showing only their urge to send us home, not thinking what is going to happen to us in the airport or at home,no assistance, no assurance.” one crew member says.

Update March 24: MSC Cruises informed the crew on board MSC Splendida that the test results of the crew member come back negative for COVID-19. The ship authorities announced that upon arriving in the port of Marseille it is mandatory for all the crew to wear face masks all the time in all areas of the ship.

Update March 26: The crew member was tested again and this time she tested positive for COVID-19. Now around 16 crew are in isolation under quarantine, under observation for any signs, for now, none of them are showing any symptoms. The ship is heading to Genoa, Italy. The captain announced that the crew will disembark soon but there is no sign-off list yet, they are expecting more updates by tomorrow.

Update April 1: As of today 26 crew members are under quarantine, 3 of them having high temperature 38 to 39 C.  The  Indian crew was scheduled to leave the ship and go home on April 2, but after a couple of hours it was cancelled because of problems concerning the Indian government. The Filipinos probably can go home on the 3rd of April, but still upon the decision of the Philippine government.