Myanmar Crew Members Send Their Gratitude to Royal Caribbean International

Jun 22, 2020

I’m one of the Celebrity Summit’s crew members from Royal Caribbean International

It was a really hard time for all crew members on board when the company was trying to send us home safely during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the lockdown of the cruise industry. They were trying very hard in these tough times to send all the crews from so many different countries. 

We moved from ship to ship to get the most possible and easiest gateway. We understand that the company tried so hard to have to deal with all of the countries' governments in this unstable lockdown time.

But our company took care of us with best of their best for food, room, free WiFi and even good well payment for the non-working crew who were waiting to go home.

Finally, we got the flight on 19 of June, and we, Myanmar people, safely arrived to our country. I know it’s not enough with only thanks but I’m really thankful and appreciate to our Captain Matt from Summit and all senior leaders from the Summit, shoreside management team and all our frontline leaders for those who were taking care everything of us when we were onboard in our mother ship and other transfer ships until safely arrived to our native land. Thanks to the ones who arranged to have the Charter flight with Qatar Airways and arranging the hotel Quarantine for 21 days which is more than our expectation.

Once again, On behalf of all Myanmar crews, Many many thanks to all. We will be back soon stronger than ever. For all remaining crews onboard also please be safe, strong, positive, and believe that our company is trying their best to send you home like us.

I’m #Royal and I’m #Celebarity