Nasty and Bitchy Roommate Crew Members

Apr 07, 2016

After a long day at work on a cruise ship you can go back in your cabin and spend some time watching movies, listen music or rest . Every crewmember wants some privacy when off duty, however this is not possible because you are shareing your cabin with your roommate or sometimes with 3 roommates. All crew members have different habits and personalities so the chances of not getting along are high. When you board the cruise ship you cant chouse your roommates so the crew purser will assign you in a cabin where space is available. Most of the time you will be assigned a cabin with crewmembers from same department.

So here are some nasty and bitchy roommate crewmembers that you can run to:

Smelly ones

This type of crewmembers usually after work take out their uniform or even with the uniform go straight to bed without taking a shower. After few seconds the cabin starts to smell funky and you cant go to sleep. To tell your roommate that he/she smells bad and needs to take shower will not have any results because they will not listen to you. Here is what you can do. By ozoner, spray the cabin, leave the door open and go to crew bar for a beer. This will not solve the problem but it will be much better to sleep.

Drunk Roommate

They are similar like the smelly ones or even worse. The good thing about them is that they spend most of the time in crew bar so they come late in the night. This is the good part because you have time to invite friend, girlfriend in your cabin, watch movie make ciki ciki or paha :) The bad thing is that when they come late they smell very bad and you dont know what you will find out in the cabin in the morning. You can find out pee on the carpet, toilet full with vomit... You can hear thousand stories. I remember a story when one guy went in his cabin dead drunk and went in the toilet ( on some ships two cabins share one toilet so you have toilet with two doors). Instead of going back in his cabin he went in the neighbors cabin and saw someone sleeping in his bed. He started screaming at the guy who was sleeping. That was a shock for the sleeping guy but funny story to tell.

Casanova Roommate

Well this can be good and bad. Good side is that he can go in his lovers cabin and you have cabin for your own. Bad thing is that if he brings the lover in your cabin then instead of cabin for two persons it transforms in cabin for three. Plus you will hear lots of exotic noises during the night. Also when you go to your cabin firs of all you need to knock wait a couple of minutes and enter the cabin. If you don’t follow this procedure you dont know what you’ll find in your cabin.

Silent Roommate

There was one Assistant Maitre’D sharing cabin with a waiter. When he was in the cabin he was like a bear in the cave. He didn’t wanted any light to be turned on, no music and absolute silence. Any time the waiter entered the cabin he needed to be so quiet because if the bear wakes up he will be slapped :)

Noisy Roommate

This is the type of roommate that not only you but the neighboring cabins have problem. Anytime they are in the cabin they turn on loud music, most the time is some metal or techno music. I had experience with this type of roommate from South Africa. First day when he moved in the cabin he set his alarm on the iPhone docked to speakers. After a few hours loud dead metal music wake me up like I was in the hell. But he was ok guy so he didn’t do that again.

What to do if your roommate is annoying nasty or bitchy?

Well there is not much that you can do about it. If you complain to your supervisor he/she will not do much about it. Our best tip is as soon you find out that someone is leaving the ship go to the crew purser and fill up the cabin change request.