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Norwegian Epic Causes Oil Spill in Port of Split

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The cruise ship Norwegian Epic experienced an oil spill during the pumping out of oil residues at the port of Split, Croatia. The spill affected the sea and coastline, but immediate actions by the ship's crew and a specialized company contained the spill.

The Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure explained that the spill occurred during the oil residue pumping process from the cruise ship while it was docked at the outer berth of the Port of Split.

The incident involved a portion of the oil spill taking place during the oil residue removal procedure. The ministry revealed that the ship's crew was conducting the pumping operation when a rupture occurred at the junction of the ship's pipe and the tank. The breakage, located above sea level, caused the spill. Immediate intervention from the ship's crew and the company's personnel managed to rectify the situation aboard the ship.

A specialized company was tasked with collecting the rest of the spilled oil. This involved the use of absorbent dams to prevent the spread of the pollution to a larger area of the sea and coastline.

Despite the incident, the Port Authority of Split stated on Monday evening that no lasting environmental consequences arose from the spill. They emphasized that the swift response of the specialized company ensured the immediate cleanup of the polluted area.