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Oceania Cruises

Download entire Oceania Marina cruise ship Itinerary in a single PDF file for the season 2019, 2020, and 2021 voyages. Find out where the ship is located at the exact date of the arrival from January to December and departure times in port. Primarily this document is for use of Oceania Cruises crew members and their families, however, everyone is welcomed to share and use it. You can download the schedule in PDF at the end of this page.

Oceania Marina Itineraries Schedule 2020

1-Jan-2020WedPuerto Chacabuco, Chile07:00-16:00
2-Jan-2020ThuPuerto Montt, Chile09:00-18:00
3-Jan-2020FriAt Sea, At sea - 
4-Jan-2020SatPuerto Central (San Antonio), Chile07:00-18:00
5-Jan-2020SunCoquimbo, Chile09:00-18:00
6-Jan-2020MonAt Sea, At sea - 
7-Jan-2020TueAt Sea, At sea - 
8-Jan-2020WedCallao, Peru08:00-18:00
9-Jan-2020ThuSalaverry, Peru10:00-20:00
10-Jan-2020FriAt Sea, At sea - 
11-Jan-2020SatManta, Ecuador08:00-18:00
12-Jan-2020SunAt Sea, At sea - 
13-Jan-2020MonFuerte Amador, Panama08:00-23:59
14-Jan-2020TueFuerte Amador, Panama00:00-04:30
14-Jan-2020TuePanama Canal Transit, Panama06:00-18:00
15-Jan-2020WedPuerto Limon, Costa Rica08:00-17:00
16-Jan-2020ThuAt Sea, At sea - 
17-Jan-2020FriRoatan Island, Honduras08:00-18:00
18-Jan-2020SatHarvest Caye, Belize08:00-18:00
19-Jan-2020SunCosta Maya, Mexico09:00-19:00
20-Jan-2020MonCozumel, Mexico08:00-18:00
21-Jan-2020TueAt Sea, At sea - 
22-Jan-2020WedMiami FL, United States of America07:00-18:00
23-Jan-2020ThuAt Sea, At sea - 
24-Jan-2020FriAt Sea, At sea - 
25-Jan-2020SatSt. John's (Antiqua), Antigua and Barbuda10:00-19:00
26-Jan-2020SunCastries, St Lucia, West Indies09:00-18:00
27-Jan-2020MonBridgetown, Barbados07:00-17:00
28-Jan-2020TueAt Sea, At sea - 
29-Jan-2020WedDevil's Island, French Guiana07:00-15:00
30-Jan-2020ThuMacapa (technical call), Brazil17:00-18:00
31-Jan-2020FriSantarem, Brazil12:00-20:00
1-Feb-2020SatParintins, Brazil08:00-17:00
2-Feb-2020SunManaus, Brazil09:00-17:00
3-Feb-2020MonBoca Da Valeria, Brazil10:00-17:00
4-Feb-2020TueAlter Do Chao, Brazil07:00-14:00
5-Feb-2020WedMacapa (technical call), Brazil10:00-11:00
6-Feb-2020ThuAt Sea, At sea - 
7-Feb-2020FriFortaleza, Brazil10:00-23:00
8-Feb-2020SatAt Sea, At sea - 
9-Feb-2020SunRecife, Brazil07:00-18:00
10-Feb-2020MonAt Sea, At sea - 
11-Feb-2020TueAt Sea, At sea - 
12-Feb-2020WedRio de Janeiro, Brazil07:00-23:59
13-Feb-2020ThuRio de Janeiro, Brazil00:00-20:00
14-Feb-2020FriBuzios, Brazil08:00-18:00
15-Feb-2020SatIlha Grande, Brazil08:00-18:00
16-Feb-2020SunParati, Brazil08:00-18:00
17-Feb-2020MonSantos, Brazil08:00-18:00
18-Feb-2020TuePorto Belo, Brazil09:00-18:00
19-Feb-2020WedAt Sea, At sea - 
20-Feb-2020ThuRio Grande do Sul, Brazil08:00-16:00
21-Feb-2020FriPunta Del Este, Uruguay09:00-18:00
22-Feb-2020SatMontevideo, Uruguay08:00-18:00
23-Feb-2020SunBuenos Aires, Argentina08:00-23:59
24-Feb-2020MonBuenos Aires, Argentina00:00-19:00
25-Feb-2020TueMontevideo, Uruguay08:00-20:00
26-Feb-2020WedPunta Del Este, Uruguay08:00-18:00
27-Feb-2020ThuAt Sea, At sea - 
28-Feb-2020FriAt Sea, At sea - 
29-Feb-2020SatStanley, Falkland Islands08:00-19:00
1-Mar-2020SunAt Sea, At sea - 
2-Mar-2020MonUshuaia, Argentina08:00-17:00
3-Mar-2020TueCape Horn, Chile00:00-00:00
4-Mar-2020WedPunta Arenas, Chile07:00-19:00
5-Mar-2020ThuChilean Fjords, Chile00:00-00:00
6-Mar-2020FriChilean Fjords, Chile00:00-00:00
7-Mar-2020SatPuerto Chacabuco, Chile07:00-17:00
8-Mar-2020SunPuerto Montt, Chile09:00-18:00
9-Mar-2020MonAt Sea, At sea - 
10-Mar-2020TuePuerto Central (San Antonio), Chile08:00-19:00
11-Mar-2020WedCoquimbo, Chile10:00-19:00
12-Mar-2020ThuAt Sea, At sea - 
13-Mar-2020FriAt Sea, At sea - 
14-Mar-2020SatPisco, Peru07:00-18:00
15-Mar-2020SunCallao, Peru07:00-19:00
16-Mar-2020MonPisco, Peru07:00-18:00
17-Mar-2020TueAt Sea, At sea - 
18-Mar-2020WedAt Sea, At sea - 
19-Mar-2020ThuCoquimbo, Chile08:00-17:00
20-Mar-2020FriPuerto Central (San Antonio), Chile08:00-19:00
21-Mar-2020SatAt Sea, At sea - 
22-Mar-2020SunPuerto Montt, Chile08:00-17:00
23-Mar-2020MonPuerto Chacabuco, Chile10:00-19:00
24-Mar-2020TueChilean Fjords, Chile00:00-00:00
25-Mar-2020WedChilean Fjords, Chile00:00-00:00
26-Mar-2020ThuPunta Arenas, Chile07:00-19:00
27-Mar-2020FriCape Horn, Chile00:00-00:00
28-Mar-2020SatUshuaia, Argentina08:00-18:00
29-Mar-2020SunAt Sea, At sea - 
30-Mar-2020MonStanley, Falkland Islands08:00-18:00
31-Mar-2020TueAt Sea, At sea - 


  • Oceania Marina Ship Specifications:
  • Double occupancy/max occupancy:  1258 / 1300
  • Crew:  800
  • Year built: 2010
  • Tonnage: 66000 GT
  • Length overall:  787ft (240m)
  • Beam: 105ft (32m)
  • Flag State: Marshall Islands


Download Oceania Marina cruise itinerary in PDF File at the link below.