Passenger Tests Positive for Covid-19 on Quantum of the Seas

Dec 09, 2020

Royal Caribbean first cruise ship to resume cruises after the global shutdown returned to the port of Singapore early than expected after a passenger tested positive for COVID-19, according to Singapore Tourism Board and passengers sailing on Quantum of the Seas.

Singapore Tourism Board released a statement on Wednesday saying that the guest who tested positive was an 83-year-old Singaporean male passenger. The guest had reported to the on board medical facility with diarrhoea, and underwent a mandatory PCR test as part of the on board health protocols.

Royal Caribbean International confirmed there is a suspect COVID-19 case aboard Quantum of the Seas, and the ship returned a day ahead of its 3-night Ocean Getaway cruise.

Quantum of the Seas Master, Captain Sindre Borsheim, made an announcement at 2:50 am in the morning through the PA system that the ship will be returning to Singapore immediately and advised all guests to stay in their staterooms until further notice.

As part of existing infection control protocols, contact tracing was completed and all guests and crew who were in contact with the patient were tested. After completing the PCR tests on close contacts Royal Caribbean International said they all tested negative for Covid-19.

As soon as the ship arrived at Marina Bay Cruise Centre an ambulance was waiting to transport the patient to a medical facility. Local media reported that the patient with fully clad personal protective equipment including shoe covers disembarked the ship at about 2 pm and was helped into the ambulance. As part of the health protocols, the passenger was sent to a hospital for further testing.

Guest onboard say that everything is well communicated and that the Captain is making regular announcements regarding the latest updates. There are 1,680 guests, and 1,148 crew on Quantum of the Seas currently waiting for more updates. 

According to the latest post by Singapore Cruise Society Quantum Of The Seas guests are expected to disembark after the World Dream, another cruise ship berthed at the same terminal, departs from Singapore. This arrangement might be attributed to avoid cross-mingling between the guests disembarking Quantum of the Seas, and those embarking on World Dream.

Update 10 December: The 83-year-old passenger who tested positive for Covid-19 on board Quantum of the Seas has subsequently tested negative, said Singapore’s Ministry of Health on Wednesday. Read more here...