Port of Kiel plans to restart cruise season in May

Apr 06, 2021

The Port of Kiel, Germany plans to resume cruise operations in May 2021, reports Schiffe-und-Kreuzfahrten website. According to the statement, port authorities are well prepared for the upcoming cruise season following strict health and safety protocols which have proven to be effective during last year's summer season.

“We expect this year's cruise season to start in May at the latest, and we are well prepared. Proven hygiene concepts that have been in use since summer 2020, tests of passengers and crew, reduced ship capacity and implementation of cruises in a so-called bubble will enable safe travel at sea." Kiel Seaport said

While cruises for German tourists are only offered from the Canary Islands, cruise operators are hoping for an early restart in Northern Europe as well. The sign of good progress is the vaccination campaign in Germany - as well as in the countries of the Baltic Sea region.