Protesters in Venice chained themselves to a giant cruise ship

Sep 19, 2017

“No Grandi Navi Committee”, a group that fights for the removal of cruise ships from the Venice lagoon staged a strange protest in the port yesterday. Several members disguised as animals, chained themselves to the cruise ship Thomson Dream while the vessel was moored. Afterwards, they lighted red smoke flares and placed a banner next to the ship “Save the planet – Save the Lagoon. Stop climate chaos – Stop cruise ships.”

According to a statement by the group, the purpose of the protest was to raise public awareness on the damage to the lagoon ecosystem caused by the continuous arrival of cruise ships. 

thomson cruise ship venice

“No Grandi Navi” statement reds “" It has been declared a war on the planet in the name of capitalism and its interests. A war on the territories and those who live there, whose voices have been silent when they do not silence. The consequences were visible, the limit was known. Both were ignored. We, as inhabitants of this planet, as the most banned animals whose lives are precarious, whose future is constantly under attack, we who continue to resist in our communities: we at this declaration of war want to respond. "

On September 23, another protest will be organized by “No Grandi Navi” in Venice Lagoon, when four cruise ships are scheduled to arrive including Costa Luminosa, MSC Poesia, MSC Sinfonia, Star Breeze.

climate change activist in venice

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