Pullmantur Cruises plans to return to operations

Sep 24, 2020

After two months since the last official post on social media, Pullmantur Cruises is active again with the latest announcement that the company is working to return again and restart cruise operations. In a series of questions on Facebook addressed to the costumers Pullmantur has been asking for feedback on what would they like to see when they resume cruises. Among the questions the company asked was if guests are willing to pay 10-15% higher prices than previously offered if it ensured a safer experience for everyone. 

“Thank you for all your opinions. We've noted that you want a safe trip, with controlled capacity in both boarding and meals, and more crew that can personally serve you in each venue without causing long lines and crowds. 

Today's question is. Would you be willing to pay 10-15 % more for a safer experience or not?” Pullmantur Cruises said in a post.

After the fate of two Pullmantur ships, the Monarch and the Sovereign, was sealed in Aliaga scrapyard in Turkey, the company might try to resume cruises with the Horizon which is in cold lay-up in Greece. The restart will be a tough task for Pullmantur since the company declared bankruptcy in July, citing the global shutdown of the cruise industry due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Pullmantur Cruises said they are working together with the bankruptcy administration to introduce a new business plan that involves the return to operation and guarantees the viability of the company.

"Since the suspension of operations in mid-March due to the pandemic, Pullmantur Cruises' main objective has always been and continues to be to return to cruises as soon as possible. This is a clear and firm goal," the president and CEO of the company, Richard J. Vogel, said in an interview for Europa Press.

Recently, the company has been in the spotlight in the Spanish media saying that Pullmantur will leave its headquarters in Madrid because of the inability to pay rent. Local media also reports that 127 employees out of 311, working in the headquarters have not received salary for the month of August. 

Addressing this issue Pullmantur CEO, Richard J. Vogel, sent an email last Friday to the entire staff, assuring them that the salary would be paid in the following days. Regarding the non-payment of rent and the company moving out from the headquarters, Vogel said that they are currently analyzing different options, but there is no decision made in relation to a potential change.