Quantum of the Seas Crew Is Ready For The Big Comeback

Nov 30, 2020

The first of the Royal Caribbean ship to make a comeback since the industry shut down due to COVID 19 in March is the Quantum of the Seas. As the crew are back aboard and ready to officially resume cruises on December 1 from the port of Singapore many may have questions about the safety measures for the guest and the crew alike given the turmoil many of them went through. Crew Center was able to gain some insight about the preparations from both perspectives (i.e., crew and guest).

The final preparation started with the trial voyage of the Quantum of the Seas when on November 28th it set sail on a 2-Night Non Revenue “Shakedown Cruise.” This cruise consisted completely of staff and family members from the Royal Caribbean office in Singapore, local travel agents and invited guests, as well as crew. The main goal of the "Shakedown Cruise" was to test and implement safety procedures in a simulated voyage and the ability to mitigate COVID-19 risks in accordance with the guidelines of the Singapore government and local health authorities. 

Upon this cruise success, the season of the Quantum of the Seas will officially start with three- and four-night round trip cruises. The cruises will not have port of call stops and will only cater to Singapore residents. According to a statement provided by the Singapore Tourism Board, the ship will sail at a reduced capacity of 50%. Other protocols include that all passengers will have to be tested for Covid-19 prior to boarding as part of the STB's Cruise Safe program, and will have to comply with safe management protocols such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and temperature checks.

Singapore Cruise Society reported that Royal Caribbean will be issuing all guests a wearable contact tracing device known as a "Tracelet". This is in addition to the Singapore Government's mandatory adoption of the TraceTogether Contact Tracing programme, where all guests aged 7 and above are required to carry along a TraceTogether Token, or have the TraceTogether Smartphone App running in the background.

But before we go into celebration for the new kind of normal related to the cruise industry at this time, let’s make sure that we are not forgetting the most important link and often most affected piece when things do not go well on a ship related to COVID 19 as displayed in past experiences, the crew. Their determination to set sail again and return to their jobs and their home away from home to serve their guests. At the helm is Captain Sindre Borsheim who will be responsible for currently 1152 crew members aboard Quantum of the Seas.

The crew had to undergo specific steps before boarding the ship. Everyone had to undergo 14 days of self-quarantine in an approved hotel back home and then tested for Covid-19 prior to flight. Upon arrival in Singapore the crew was required to take another PCR test before boarding the ship. Once on board the crew had to undergo additional 14 days quarantine and 2 more PCR tests prior to being able to work aboard the ship. During the 14-day quarantine onboard Quantum of the Seas, the crew receives free Wi-Fi and TV channels in their cabins, as well as provided food and beverages by room service. The crew was also required to complete online training and meetings during the quarantine to assist their preparation before starting their regular duties.

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And as the world will be focusing on Quantum of the Seas, the readiness of the crew, the compliance of the guests, as well as the ability to mitigate any potential risks of COVID 19 we turn to the crew who even before the mass distribution of COVID 19 vaccine make the sacrifice and prove they are ready and able to resume operations. Dependent on the success, soon more of the industry may be opening up and offering more cruises.