Royal Caribbean Hires the First Chief Meteorologist in the Cruise Industry

May 23, 2017

Once again Royal Caribbean has gone one step further in the world of cruising. By hiring the first meteorologist who will advise all captains about the weather conditions, the company is first of its kind in the cruise industry. Casting a watchful eye on the world's weather around the clock is something Royal Caribbean takes it very serious, therefore the hired the meteorologist James Van Fleet for the job. Royal Caribbean’s Chief Meteorologist will develop forecasts for the cruise line’s fleet of 24 vessels. Translating technical data into digestable information is second nature for Van Fleet, who’s a veteran meteorologist with more than two decades of experience. With James Van Fleet guidance, all Royal Caribbean captains will have the added support to continue making informed decisions and delivering the best possible vacation experience for the cruise line’s guests, and smooth sailing around the world.

Here is the Royal Caribbean Video introducing the cruise line first meteorologist