Scientology Cruise Ship Freewinds – The Floating Church

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The Scientology ship is like a floating church in which preparatory courses are conducted exclusively for Thetan VIII, the highest level of the Church of Scientology
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Scientology Cruise Ship was built in 1968 by Wärtsilä Shipyard in Turku (Finland), originally was a ferry that had planned to cover the line that was carrying passengers and cars from Bremerhaven (Germany) to Harwich (England) operated by the Swedish company Lion Ferry. The vessel was sold to Wallenius Lines who renamed Bohème, adding cabins on decks above provided for cars. The ship was chartered to Commodore Cruise Line and for many years conducted 7-day cruise departing from Miami.

In 1986 the ship was purchased by Majestic Cruise Lines, part of the "Church of Scientology Corporation" and was renamed Freewinds. "International Association of Scientology"  purchased the ship for $ 55 million and formed new entity called the "Flag Ship Trust". The ownership and operation of the ship is based on a complicated chart of Societies (all controlled by the Church of Scientology of course) and based in Panama, USA, Netherlands Antilles ... Majestic Cruise Lines was dissolved in 1993 for tax reasons. Being now owned by another tangle of companies that exploit and manage.

The Scientology  ship is like a floating church in which preparatory courses are conducted exclusively for Thetan VIII, 

the highest level of the Church of Scientology, only those who reach this level (of involvement and development) can travel aboard this ship.On the website of the congregation said the ship Freewinds "provides a safe, attractive and free of distractions, it is appropriate to deliver this level of auditing deeply spiritual."The ship, as practitioners of this cult, is the only place that a Scientologist can go and be sure you can devote himself entirely to his religious practice and in the company of people who share their religious commitment and perspective on life in general.

The cruise also performed religious conventions and seminars for senior leadership levels of Scientology churches around the world, as well as events organized especially for members of a country.

Scientology is a religious congregation of Hollywood stars, businessmen and politicians around the world, the subject of much criticism and accusations of having built a business empire through brainwashing, threats and extortion.

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